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The Mid-Atlantic Region’s Unrivaled Supplier of
Special Police, Public Safety, and Protective Security Services
Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority (commonly referred to as TSE) is the Mid-Atlantic Region’s leading provider of Policing, Public Safety, Defensive, Protective Security, Investigative, Judicial, and related services; serving as an exceptional alternative to traditional security guard company services, off duty municipal police officers, and traditional private detective agency services.

At TSE, we are committed to providing an unparalleled level of trusted, accountable, and professional security-based and intelligence-based solutions; delivering comprehensive and proven results for our partners, clients, and communities.

Proven. Trusted. Effective.


Protection & Safety

Premium and comprehensive solutions for physical safety and security, community policing, and public safety needs; TSE provides a suite of trusted and worry-free professional solutions, which can’t be matched by anyone.

All-Hazards Ready

Our proprietary All-Hazards Approach℠ is the result of world-class training and the latest and best technology and equipment available; enabling Officers to be prepared to resolve any threat, incident, or event.

History of Success

TSE has never endured a loss, claim, or action involving us, our partners, or clients; all while protecting and defending countless lives, and safeguarding in excess of $50 Bil. in assets, property, and holdings.

TSE: Solutions that Work

Maintaining in excess of 100,000 sq. mi. of available jurisdiction comprised of six distinct tri-state regions representing eleven neighboring states across the greater Mid-Atlantic; TSE works with a variety of distinguished partners and clients comprised of community, government, education, healthcare, infrastructure, nonprofit, residential, local business, and utility entities.

TSE provides trusted, long-term, innovative solutions for policing, safety, and protective security service needs. Further, TSE delivers community oriented policing, crime and violence suppression, early intervention, and crime prevention solutions.

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