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We are the Mid-Atlantic Region’s Premier Supplier of Contracted
Special Police, Public Safety, and Protective Security Guard Services

Orchestrating Effective Protection Against Real-World Threats

Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority (or simply TSE) is a top-tier provider of security guard services, special police services, protective services, investigative services, and related security-based and intelligence-based solutions.

Operating much differently than other security service providers, TSE serves the Mid-Atlantic area, spanning six distinct tri-state regions; and has consistently proven to be an exceptional alternative to the services offered by security guard companies, off-duty police officers, and private detective agencies.

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TSE Intelligence & Security Solutions: Trusted, Refined, and Proven

Maintaining in excess of 100,000 sq. mi. of available jurisdiction across the greater Mid-Atlantic; TSE is proud to deliver our trusted and professional services to our partners and clients.

Comprised of community, government, education, entertainment, healthcare, infrastructure, nonprofit, residential, local business, and utility entities; our suite of core services are continuously refined to meet the varying needs of most vertical markets.

We are proud to provide trusted short and long-term solutions, meeting the needs and requirements for security, protection, defense, special police, life safety, intelligence, and investigative services. We further specialize in community-oriented policing, crime and violence suppression, early intervention, and crime abatement solutions.

Exceeding Expectations – Maintaining a Higher Standard

Refined and trusted, TSE provides unmatched physical security, defensive, community policing, and public safety services amid our suite of trusted and worry-free professional solutions, which can’t be matched by anyone.

Our proprietary All-Hazards Approach℠ is the result of world-class training and the latest and best technology and equipment available; enabling Officers to be prepared to resolve any threat, incident, or event.

TSE is proud to have experienced no losses involving us, our partners, or clients in our history; all while protecting and defending countless lives, and safeguarding in excess of $50 Bil. in assets, property, and holdings.

We Are Trusted By Names You Know

Alzheimer's Association - Special Event Public Safety Security Services
Enterprise Rental Cars - Corporate Security and Investigation Services
Ford - Industrial and Corporate Security and Defense
Kinsley - Construction Site Security and Theft Prevention Services
Moran Foods - Consumer and Food Supply Security and Protective Services
UFP Industries - Protection and Security for Natural Resources Extraction and Processing
WV DMV - Government Sector Security Services & Public Safety

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