10 Expert Qualities to Look for When Hiring Private Security

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10 Expert Qualities to Look for When Hiring Private Security

Your personal safety can be jeopardized in an instant. You need a security partner that thinks and reacts quickly and with expertise. Look for these 10 qualities.


As cybersecurity attacks begin affecting an increasing number of businesses, many companies are devoting time and money to protecting their data. But that protection should never come as an alternative to on-site safety and security.

On-site security services are essential for protecting your assets, business, property, visitors, employees, and clients. It can help you prevent and react to active shooter scenarios, fire and medical emergencies, theft, violent crimes, attacks, and much more.

But finding the right security service for your business can be a challenge. The security industry is one of the fastest growing industries world-wide, and has been for years. Businesses, corporations, non-profit, and even government entities looking to outsource or supplement services such as: security, law enforcement, investigative, public safety, and numerous other services are frequently misled and otherwise taken advantage of by unscrupulous security companies looking to pad their pockets and nothing more. Sadly with an industry growing at the current pace – so many new companies “pop up” overnight. This results in more options than most can conceive, and creates situations where even the most knowledgeable decision maker can choose the wrong company – which can cost money, time and lives.

It’s for these reasons we’ve compiled this list of the 10 expert qualities that you should be looking for in potential security service contract companies. Keep reading to learn what the private security service that you choose should be offering.


1. Advanced Training


There may not be any legal requirements for the education of security guards. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t expect your chosen private security service to not only train their guards, but provide experts in their field.

Advanced training helps to prepare security guards for any situation. They need to be trained to handle everything from minor disturbances to major events. Generally, security guards can’t and/or don’t get much – if any training. It’s a practice that gives security in general a poor image and bad reputation.

Without training, you can’t expect your security guards to provide much help when something bad happens on your property. The result is a lot of money spent on little more than a monitor to watch your property or mind your security camera system.

Training alone is only part of the battle. A well trained, experienced and qualified person simply wont work for $8.00-$14.00 per hour. These are the practitioners who can work anywhere they desire in the criminal justice and law enforcement industry, and have companies, agencies, and others vying to hire them. Companies who low-ball pricing is not employing anyone with advanced training.


2. A Range of Specialties


On-site security isn’t the only thing that you should be doing to protect your interests.

When issues arise that are out of your control, you need to be prepared to add other security services to keep your property and employees safe and prevent a multitude of issues.

For instance, you run a business with large amounts of employees, you could face a strike that you need to monitor. Without well trained and experienced security, the situation could easily get out of hand.

If your company has very important persons, executives, or other high ranking figures visiting from out of town, you may need specialized security to ensure their security and safety.

Choosing a security partner that can provide a range of specialty services when the need arises will help save you time and stress.


3. A Solid Security Plan


Great security starts with a solid plan.

Any security partner that you consider should have plans in place for a variety of types of situations. This includes plans for when natural disasters strike, a non-authorized person enters your business or any other type of situation that could occur.

These plans will not only help your security service keep the order when situations unfold, but will also help you plan what you’ll need to do for your employees or patrons during that time.

At TSE, we’ve created and maintain a Master Operations Guide for our personnel. Our guide is incredibly comprehensive, and provides specific directions and guidance for practically any situation which may occur.


4. Great Communication


You and your security partner should be working together to protect your business, property, assets, employees, and clients.

If you aren’t able to reach your security when you need to, or if they fail to let you know when there is a problem, your security partner may not be serving your interests as effectively as they should be.

Great communication should be something that you look for in any service that you contract to work with your business. It is especially important when searching for the right contract security partner.


5. A Professional Demeanor


Personnel from the your security partner is going to be on the ground – inside and around at your business or property. Employees, clients, visitors, and even the public will see them and interact with them. When a problem arises, your employees and clients will look to them for help.

It’s important that the security guards or personnel that you contract to have on your property act professionally at all times.

If they don’t, it will reflect poorly on your business or organization and on your management abilities. It may also leave your clients,  employees, the public, and other people feeling unsafe.


6. Problem Solving Skills


Not all situations that call for security are ones that you can plan for.

So while having a plan is important, your security partner should also employ professionals who have experience and can think quickly on their feet. That way they’ll be able to react to situations as they unfold, and continue to protect the safety of your business even in the face of unexpected or extreme problems.


7. Physical Fitness


While you may not necessarily need security that is in top-shape, it is important that they have a certain level of physical fitness.

Even just simple foot patrols require a lot of walking, scaling steps, and staying on your feet for hours at a time. In addition, your security personnel may need to escort people, deal with people who fight them, chase and apprehend criminals, or deal with other situations that will require strength and stamina.

While many security guard companies don’t allow their guards to do anything other than call 911 (known as observe and report;) if a potential security partner employs personnel who do go ‘hands on,’ its important they be in sufficient physical fitness as to not compound the problem at hand.


8. A Friendly Personality


Just as it is important for security guards to be professional around your employees and clients, a friendly personality is also important.

Guards who appear friendly or at least polite will be easier for your staff, visitors, customers, and the public to approach when there is a problem. This can also help to prevent tension between guards and employees, clients, and others.


9. Past Experience with Different Types of Businesses


Different types of businesses have different security needs.

Choosing a security company that has worked with a variety of types of businesses in the past means that you’re getting help from a company that understands that their services need to be customized to each organizations’ or business’ unique needs.

They’ll be better prepared to make recommendations for how to keep your business safe, and will be able to offer more solutions than a company that hasn’t worked with a business like yours in the past.


10. Proven Experience


In order to ensure that you’re making the best choice for security for your business, it’s best to choose a company that offers proven experience.

The more experience they have, the more capable they will be of meeting all of your security needs. They’ll understand what it takes to keep your business safe, and will be able to make suggestions to help you do the same.

Security is a big investment. Make sure that you’re choosing the security service that will provide the greatest return on your investment. Too often businesses and organizations waste hundreds of thousands of dollars out of their budget – sometimes as a result of a company who is great at sales.

While many companies focus on profits, respectable companies and agencies will worry less on sales – and more on providing the best services and solutions possible.


Choosing the Best Private Security


Now that you know a few of the expert qualities that you should expect from the best private security companies, it’s time to start looking for the right one for your business.

If you’re looking for a security partner with proven experience, well trained and experienced professionals, and a wide range of services to meet most any organizations’ needs, contact us today to see the difference that we could make for your business or organization.