12 Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

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12 Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

Updated 12/13/2019


Aprivate-investigator-mid-atlanticre you wondering why exactly someone might hire a private investigator? What purpose and benefit does it serve? Read on to find out.

We’re all familiar with the idea of a private investigator from numerous TV and movie portrayals. But what exactly do PIs do?
In short – private investigators do many things. The nature of their services covers both civil and criminal matters and the reach of their investigation can remain quite local or extend internationally. There is a difference between Private Investigators, and Professional Investigators. Some Professional Investigators may be with a privately held agency or corporation, but not all private investigators are professional.

A strong, professional detective will make sure all your questions are answered, no matter how sensitive. He or she will secure the evidence you need to take the appropriate next steps for your situation. This includes the proper procedures for gathering the evidence, supporting documentation, and professional testimony in court if necessary.

All kinds of organizations have compelling reasons to retain or hire a professional investigator. Read on to discover 12 of them and learn if your organization could benefit from their services.


Background Checks for Business


Before you or your company enters into an arrangement with another business, you must do your due diligence. Are they as reputable or profitable as they seem?

An investigator can locate and sift through records and paperwork to uncover any potential red flags that could hold up a deal. Close major transactions with the confidence that only comes from thorough research and due diligence.


Background Checks for Employment


It’s important to hire the right people. You cannot simply trust that everyone applying to work for your company is honest or forthcoming with all their information. Criminal records checks are only a part of a complete background investigation.

Doctored resumes and false background information put your business at risk, threaten your productivity, and damage your reputation. Whether you’re making international hires or sifting through local candidates, the services of a professional investigator will help your screening process be more effective.


International Investments or Partnerships


Investing internationally can be very lucrative but perilous, given the wide range of different laws and customs. Working with a professional investigator will help protect your investment, and ensure compliance with intricate laws that can vary wildly across international jurisdictions.

Investigators can vet your potential business partners by verifying the quality of their operations, authenticity of any documents, nature of any criminal history, profitability, and more. Entrusting this will give you peace of mind, and free you to focus on your business operations.


Background Investigations for Personal Matters


Beyond business, there are important personal reasons why you should consider retaining the services of a professional investigator. If you have any questions about your current relationship, a detective may be able to give you clarity.

How well do you know your partner? Are you confident he or she is who they say they are? A relationship background check will verify your partner’s education and employment history, date of birth, criminal record, etc. Before you make any long term future commitments, gain insight to all the facts you need to make the best decision.


Avoid Catfish


Online dating continues to increase in popularity and there’s no sign of that slowing down anytime soon. But with the convenience of being able to find a partner over the Internet comes the unfortunate consequence of catfishing, the shameful practice of assuming a false identity to con a would-be partner.

Over half of online daters reported believing someone else has presented false info in their profile. It’s bad enough that these perpetrators are playing with others’ emotions; usually, they’re also looking to scam their victim. Protect yourself and consider hiring an investigator if your online fling seems too good to be true.


Infidelity Investigation


No one wants to believe their partner is unfaithful. However, infidelity frequently causes relationships to fail.

An investigator can help confirm or disprove your suspicions by discreetly following your partner and collecting evidence. Pictures or video provide indisputable proof of infidelity.

Finding the truth about a partner is one of the most common reasons why people hire investigators. If you’re in doubt, it’s important that you get your questions answered, even if the truth is hard to hear.


Hidden Assets


For married couples or business partners, the importance of confirming suspicion is even greater because the information could be relevant in any court proceedings. An investigator can work closely with your legal counsel to uncover facts and represent your interests best.

In addition to searching for evidence of hidden assets, a professional investigator can help you determine any secrets your spouse or business partner has been keeping. They have means of locating hidden assets, bank accounts, or other clandestine behavior that threatens your personal or professional relationship.




Investigators are extremely useful in helping you prove criminal wrongdoing because they have a keen skill set and can focus their attention on your case in ways that the police often cannot.

If you suspect someone is abusing your child, an elder, or helpless family member, you must get to the bottom of it. Make use of an investigator to confirm or relieve your suspicions, then build a case against the abuser supported by evidence. Evidence that a professional investigator can make into a case – and deliver to a prosecutor


Identity Theft


Having your identity stolen is frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive to fix. Without help, it’s hard to gather enough information to go after the people stealing from you.

Private investigators can use her resources to find out the identity of the perpetrator and create a report you can use to pursue criminal charges. If you think someone has accessed your private information and may be using it without your permission, strongly consider hiring a professional detective.


Personal Injury Investigation


Worker’s compensation claims are expensive and damaging to a business’s reputation and productivity. While accidents do happen, some employees try to cheat the system by filing bogus and fictitious claims.

You can’t afford to fall prey to someone else’s get rich quick scheme. Use a private investigator to confirm your employee’s injuries.

Criminal Investigation


Often local police departments and their detective squads are ill-equipped to do the leg work your case requires. Certain crimes, like stalking for example, routinely go without thorough investigation as resources are diverted elsewhere.

Utilizing professional investigators in your criminal investigation is smart strategy, mainly because they’re fully dedicated to finding you the answers you seek. They can also uncover key pieces of evidence that allow police and prosecutors to take action, rather than letting the case go cold.


Find Missing People


Whether because they’re the victim of a crime, are escaping some debt, or running away from a broken home; people unfortunately go missing. Professional investigators are well-equipped to track down missing persons and bring them back.

Aside from missing persons, you may need to initiate an Attempt To Locate on a person or business. If you need to initiate legal proceedings against a person or a business, you have to know where to find them first. Increase your likelihood of getting results by hiring a professional to locate them.




As long as there is money to be made, there will always be people who try to cheat the system. Welfare and insurance fraud are two common but certainly not isolated examples.

Private investigators can discreetly gather evidence to build a case against scammers. The data they collect can save the government and insurance companies millions of dollars annually.


Does Your Organization Need a Professional Investigator?


If you need help putting the pieces of the puzzle together, contracting an investigator is a smart investment. Whether your issue is civil, criminal, or professional in nature, professional investigators will work with you to get the answers you need. Most professional investigators pride themselves on their attention to detail, commitment to the law, and protection of your privacy.

NOTE: While TSE does provide investigative services, please note that our services are generally reserved for organizations. TSE may only be able to assist private individuals in cases where an individual represents a business, or is represented by legal counsel.