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5 Tips for a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

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St. Patrick’s day has a long and often overlooked history, but let's face it: most people recognize the day as one to party! Celebrating St Patrick's can mean great times for everyone - as long as you remember you're responsibilities involve not getting too wasted or doing something regretful.

Five things you can do to make Saint Patrick's Day safer while still having a great night.

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1. Don't Drive Impaired

You know how it is. The night of drinking and partying has just begun, but you’re already tired from all those hours on your feet! Head over to one last club or event before calling it quits for tonight – don’t forget that there are other people out with their own plans about where they want to go next.

Make sure everyone stays safe by having someone sober to get you home safely when needed; otherwise known as a designated driver. If you had a designated driver who just couldn’t resist some of that green beer, not all hope is lost.

Thanks to smartphone apps like Uber and Lyft, and let’s not forget the venerable local cab or taxi service – you can still avoid a potentially tragic ending to an otherwise fun night.

2. Drink Some Water

Even the most versed barhoppers know that you don’t drink just alcohol. You need to break things up a bit. Seriously. When you’re drinking, make sure to drink plenty of water as well. If not? The unavoidable side effect known as dehydration will strike all on its own anyway, but can be offset by drinking plenty of water (or at least non-alcoholic drinks). Mix in some physical activity such as dancing or walking, you’re going to be in for an unhappy next morning (cue hangover).

Not worried about a hangover? How about a ride in the back of an ambulance before your night concludes? Many 911 calls on St. Patrick’s day are – you guessed it, because of drinking (and resulting events thanks to dehydration and too much alcohol).

Yeah, the medic’s really don’t want to have to deal with you when there are real emergencies they need to go to. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water along with alcoholic beverages so that it doesn’t have adverse effects on both physical activity levels as well mental clarity throughout the night.

3. You Need To Eat

You’ve been drinking, and you know it. But don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to offset the alcohol for longer than expected! One way is by eating something beforehand – though this isn’t necessary for every situation as some people can handle their liquor better than others (different tolerance levels). The best thing about food? Eating before will probably make your night last longer. Eating later (after drinking) will probably make your evening end sooner, and might require you being cleaned up by your friends.

4. Be Cautious

There are always people who want to put themselves at risk, whether it’s by drinking too much or driving under the influence. Make sure you’re not one of them! Not everyone will be out celebrating on St Patrick’s Day; some may opt for safer activities like going about their daily lives as usual while others might take this opportunity wisely (and partially due precaution) to stay home instead.

While everyone else is out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, make sure you’re safe and cautious if driving in the cities. Many people will likely be drunk or otherwise distracted so they can’t pay attention to their surroundings – including pedestrian traffic!

5. Have Fun

You know what to do, don’t you? Wear a little green and hope for a little bit of the luck of the Irish! When it’s time for St. Patrick’s Day, enjoy yourself – no matter how you choose to celebrate (responsibly of course), because we all need a little uplifting spirit in life sometimes!

A healthy dose of responsibility goes a long way to ensuring a fun and safe night. Don’t lose control, plan ahead, and have fun!

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