8 Great Benefits of Mobile Security Patrols for Your Business

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Benefits of Mobile Security Patrols for Your Business

Updated: 12/13/2019

Do you own a building that you want to keep protected around the clock? Here are 8 great benefits mobile security patrols can offer your business.


There are almost 8 million property crimes every year. Out of every 100,000 people, almost 400 were arrested in 2016 for burglary, larceny, or theft.

Let that sink in for a moment, that’s a lot of crime, and the odds are you or someone you know has been a victim of a property crime.

In this article, TSE will share with you 8 ways that mobile security patrols will keep your business safe and secure at a very affordable price.

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What Are Mobile Safety & Security Patrols?


Before we examine the numerous benefits of mobile security patrol service, we must first understand what the service actually is.

When most people think of security, they imagine an untrained, inattentive, lowly paid guard standing in one spot for eternity. Some may think of security cameras watching over properties, stopping would-be-criminals in their tracks. These examples however, are not a best-case solution for the security needs of most organizations.

Mobile security patrols are performed by personnel assigned to check on groups of properties, respond to alarms at these properties, check doors, escort employees out at the end of the night, and perform a wide range of other tasks. This service has become quite popular in recent years, with companies such as Securitas Security Services pushing it as a cheap alternative to traditional security guards.

Unfortunately, there is an inherent problem in the delivery of the service in the majority of cases. Many companies providing this service use the same lowly paid, unqualified security guards to perform patrols.

Essentially, security guard companies re-package the same security guards, put them in a car, and sell it as a cost-effective solution for properties and companies on a tight budget. This approach, in much the same way as their standard security guard service, is destined for failure at the cost of their partners and clients who rely on their services. There are many lesser-known organizations and security firms who provide a much higher level of mobile security service, utilizing highly trained security personnel or police officers. These officers properly conduct property checks, know how to respond to and handle alarm calls, and other calls for service. In many cases, these officers have expanded training, allowing them to provide first aid, and other life-saving services if needed.

Reputable security providers will collaborate with their partners and clients, determining what unique issues or problems they face, and what the history is of the property. Some organizations may only want patrols to drive by your building every few hours to make sure everything looks right, some may want them to check all the doors and windows at dusk, midnight, and dawn, while others may want an officer to walk into a business every now and again to deter potential criminals. Many of the more reputable mobile security patrols can handle any of these needs and more, it all comes down to your specific needs.

Now that we’ve discussed what this service is, let’s examine what makes it an excellent option for increasing the safety and security of virtually any business.

01 - Cost Effective

Every business and organization has unique needs for their safety and security requirements. For those with a tight budget, or are considering security for the first time; security patrols are an inexpensive option virtually any business can afford.

By hiring a mobile security patrol, you’re paying a very affordable rate; mainly because you’re sharing the cost of the patrol service with others nearby. The level of service you can expect really comes down to the security company you partner with – so be sure to check their reviews and other feedback online.

02 - Reliable

Have you ever wondered what most stereotypical security guards do all night? Most times it’s hard to know, and if you go to check for yourself – you may find them sleeping! High-quality security firms will ensure you don’t have to wonder about the guards or officers assigned to your property, which would include mobile patrols. Metrics should always be tracked and retained for review by partners and clients, and technology such as personnel and vehicular GPS should always be utilized for accountability and peace of mind.

Utilizing this type of technology, you’ll know exactly when, where, and what the personnel on patrol were doing during their shift. Pointing out reliability, it’s worth noting that most CCTV/Security cameras are fixed, and not of the highest quality.


Patrol officers have an unlimited field and range of vision, ensuring nothing is missed. This can be of particular benefit for deterring and stopping property crimes such as vandalism and graffiti; as well as more serious crimes such as larceny and burglary.

03 - Fast Responsive Service

In many cases, a traditional security guard cannot respond quickly to threats or incidents; as they have to get from one place to another on foot. That’s not taking into consideration the lack of physical fitness seen in the vast majority of security guards in the United States.

If a guard is watching over just one small building, perhaps this arrangement may be okay most of the time. But what if you have several buildings, or have a large property? What about a security guard who only sits in one place for the entirety of their shift, unseen by most?

A mobile security patrol not only has greater visibility by those on, or near your property, but can can get to any location rapidly. This is because they are, well, mobile. When your alarms go off, or an employee calls to report an issue, a patrolman can reach your business fast; taking the actions necessary to stop the issue or event preventing issues just from their higher-visibility presence.

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04 - Deter and Prevent Crime

Its widely know that the majority of criminals will not commit crimes if it appears to be too risky. Criminals will instead look elsewhere for an easier target that seems to present less of a risk to their illicit acts. If you were a criminal planning to break into a building, observing a patrol car driving around the property and an officer getting out on foot, what would you do?

Mobile security patrols can have that impact and provide that level of security and protection. A vehicle is also more visible than the traditional security guard sitting in a small booth or chair inside the building. It doesn’t allow for traditional security guards who would rather sit in one place for 8+ hours playing on their cell phone. It puts officers in and out, checking out persons and vehicles, and being seen by greater numbers of people – people that may include criminal actors.

You might think criminals could easily figure out a pattern of when security patrols check each business in the area. This is true in the case of lesor-quality security firms. However, with high-quality security partners, patrols are conducted at truly random intervals, ensuring movements cannot be predicted. Random appearances by an attentive officer provides a much higher level of protection and prevention than a security guard sitting in one place all night.

05 - Employee & Visitor Safety

We tend to think that most security problems occur mainly at night, but that’s not the case. There are plenty of incidents during the day. You might have an angry customer but not want to call 911. You could have someone scouting your business for a planned burglary. Let’s not forget incidents of shoplifting, theft, panhandlers, disorderly individuals, and other situations.

All of these situations can put your employees, visitors, customers, and business at risk. By having a mobile security patrol checking your business, you can prevent many of these things from happening in the first place, or quickly stop incidents that may occur. Security patrols can also escort or watch over employees and guests who are leaving after dark, preventing opportunistic targeting by criminals.

Your employees will feel safer knowing that there are people on hand to help them quickly when needed.

06 - Emergency Assistance

There are times when things will go wrong at your business, no matter how many preventative measures you have taken. With the increasing prevalence of DIY security systems that include cameras, you may see suspicious persons on your mobile phone while you’re at home. A storm may break your front window. Your employee may lock themselves inside while you’re out of town. A better approach on this side is to grant access to your security partner, so that they may regularly monitor the cameras you already have.

This way in the case of a camera seeing something that’s amiss, the patrolman can respond immediately to investigate, or take action. Likewise, if visitors or employees see something isn’t right, they can call your security partner to respond. For higher-level security partners, their officers may interface with the 911 center, so that patrolmen are notified of any 911 calls to the business, as they may be much faster to respond. At the end of the day, if something is not right at your business or property, you can always call the mobile security patrol. While they are on patrol and checking their assigned properties, they will drop what they’re doing in an emergency situation to come help you. Depending on your partner, this may include things like responding to medical emergencies, fires, gas leaks, and other situations.

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07 - Versatility

It can prove to be difficult for a traditional security guard to monitor and maintain a presence at some business locations, but this is not the case with mobile security patrols. Patrolmen have a higher visibility, mainly due to their use of a patrol vehicle. In warm-weather months, patrolmen may even take to patrol on bicycle; which affords an even more drastic level of visibility in some areas.

Those assigned to mobile patrol should be keeping watch on locations such as a storefront, mixed-use development, warehouse, construction site, solar farm, commercial property, medical facility, hotel, and many other types of businesses and properties. If your business isn’t typical or normal, no need to worry. Security firms should be able to ensure their mobile security solutions can safeguard and protect your property.

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08 - Trained & Professional Personnel

Reputable security companies and organizations should conduct thorough and comprehensive background checks on all their employees, ensure and provide extensive training, and seek quality applicants who are very experienced. By partnering with a high-quality security company, you should always get a professional who is qualified for the job, trustworthy, reliable, honest, and who makes a decent living.

You should also be getting a professional who has excellent communication, verbal de-escalation, and customer service skills. This will drastically assist patrol personnel to be non-confrontational and easily diffuse any tense interactions with criminals, customers, visitors, employees, etc.

By partnering with a reputable and respected security firm, you will not only keep your business and assets protected, but you’ll have trained and qualified professionals doing it.

That's It!

Now that you have a better understanding of the benefits of having mobile security patrols, you may want to consider a contacting a reputable security firm to see how they can help you today.