8 Great Benefits of Mobile Security Patrols for Your Business

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Benefits of Mobile Security Patrols for Your Business


back of a security guardDo you own a building that you want to keep protected around the clock? Here are 8 great benefits mobile security patrols can offer your business.


There are almost 8 million property crimes every year. Out of every 100,000 people, almost 400 were arrested in 2016 for burglary or larceny/theft.

That’s a lot of crime. How is your business protected? Are you relying on camera systems or a single security guard?

This article will show you 8 ways TSE’s mobile security patrols will keep your business safe and secure.

What Are Mobile Security Patrols?


Before we get into the benefits of mobile security patrol service, let’s talk about what this actually is.

When most people think of security, they imagine an untrained, inattentive, lowly paid guard standing in one spot for eternity; or a security camera anchored to an outside wall. That’s not quite the best solution for most organization’s security needs though.

TSE’s mobile security patrol is a group of Public Safety officers assigned to check on groups of properties during the day and night. They go from one property to another, answer calls for service and help, and they’re always in a generally small local area.

TSE (or other reputable security providers) and the partner or client collaborate to determine what the patrol actually does when checking the property.

Do you want them to just drive by your building every couple of hours to make sure everything looks right? Do you want them to check all the doors and windows at dusk, midnight, and dawn? Do you want a guard to walk into your business every now and again to deter potential criminals? Perhaps you’d like a guard to respond to calls for assistance, or go to alarm calls.

Most mobile security patrols will do all of these things depending on your needs and goals.

Now let’s look at why they’re an excellent option for securing your business.


1. Cost Effective


While hiring a security guard to watch over your business is a perfect solution for some businesses, it’s sometimes an expensive option that not every business can afford or budget for.

By instead hiring a mobile security patrol, you’re paying a lower and more affordable rate; mainly because you’re sharing the cost of the patrol service with others.

(Speaking of cost, TSE services are generally 100% tax deductible for businesses and other for-profit organizations.)


2. Reliability


Have you ever wondered what most stereotypical security guards do all night? Most times it’s hard to know, and if you go to check for yourself – you may find them sleeping!

TSE and our suite of mobile services leave no questions for our partners and clients. Our personnel keep details of all activity, which is backed up with GPS and other perherphials. You’ll know exactly when, where, and what the personnel on patrol were doing  during their shift. As mentioned before, what they’re checking at each location is up to the partner / client.

Another thing to consider is range of vision. While a camera is locked into position, viewing only a small area, a person can see everything that’s going on.

This can be great for deterring or stopping vandalism, graffiti, burglary, and more serious crimes.


TSE mobile security patrol service3. Deterrent


Most criminals will not commit crimes if it seems too risky – instead they’ll look for “an easier target.” If you were planning to break into a building and observed a patrol car driving around the property, and an officer getting out on foot, what would you do?

TSE mobile security patrols provide that level of security and protection. A vehicle is also more visible than the traditional security guard sitting in his little booth or chair inside the building.

You might think criminals could easily figure out a pattern of when security patrols check each business in the area. Most patrols though, go at random intervals, so their movements can’t be predicted. A random appearance can be a better prevention than a guard staying in one place all night.


4. Fast


A traditional security guard cannot respond as quickly to a lot of threats because they have to get from one place to another on foot. If you just need one building taken care of that might be fine. But what if you have several buildings or a large property?

A mobile security patrol can get from site to site in a hurry because they are, well, mobile.

When your alarms go off or there are other warning signs of a problem, a patrolman can reach your business fast to prevent or stop the problem.


5. Emergencies


There are times where things may go wrong at your business, and only you know.

You may see suspicious behavior on your mobile camera while you’re at home. A storm may break your front window. Your employee may lock themselves inside while you’re out of town.

If you know something is not right at your business property, you can always call the mobile security patrol. While they have a schedule to check all their properties, they will drop what they’re doing in an emergency situation to come help you.


6. Employee Safety


We tend to think that most security issues happen at night, but that’s not the case. There are plenty of incidents during the day.

You might have an angry customer but not want to call 911. You could have someone scouting your business for a planned burglary. And let’s not forget shoplifting incidents, panhandlers, and other situations!

All of these situations can put your employees and business at risk. By having a mobile security patrol checking your business, you can prevent many of these things from happening or stop people in the process.

Security patrols can also escort employees from the building at night if you’re worried about the neighborhood.

Your employees will feel safer knowing that there are people on hand to help them quickly when needed.


7. Versatility


It can be difficult for a traditional security guard to monitor some business locations, but not mobile security patrols.

They can keep an eye on a regular storefront, warehouse, construction site, solar farm, commercial property, medical facility, hotel, or any other type of property.

If your business isn’t a typical setup, no need to worry, our mobile security solutions can make sure you’re protected and safe.


8. Great Patrol Personnel


TSE and other reputable companies and organizations should conduct thorough background checks on all their employees, ensure extensive training, and very experienced. You should always get someone who is qualified for the job, trustworthy, reliable, honest, and making a decent living.

You’ll also want to make sure you’re getting a professional who has been properly trained in, and possesses excellent communication, verbal de-escalation, and customer service skills. This will help when they have to diffuse any tense interactions with criminals, customers, visitors, employees, etc.

TSE Public Safety officers are also trained to prevent and mitigate many hazards including fires, medical emergencies, as well as deal with dangerous and hazardous materials. This range of knowledge will keep your business safe from most possible threats.

Not only will we keep your business and assets protected, but you’ll have real, qualified professionals doing it.


Now You Know


Now that you know all the benefits of having mobile security patrols, you may want to consider a free consultation to determine your safety and security goals and needs.