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Who Is TSE - Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority

Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority is a multistate organization which supplies mission-critical public safety services, special police services, advanced protective security and armed guard services, court and judicial services, and related law enforcement and emergency services; for and on behalf of public, private, and government sector markets through cooperative or service contract agreements.

Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority is most frequently referred to simply as TSE (not to be confused with TSA); and is a progressive, privately held regional authority, protecting and serving across the greater Mid-Atlantic region of the United States of America.

TSE - Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority

Our Mission

We will serve, protect, and preserve life, safeguard and defend against criminal and terroristic acts, maintain peace and order, and enforce law and regulation; doing so faithfully and respectfully.

Our Vision

To consistently ensure the safety, security, and wellbeing of our partners, clients, and communities, through the delivery of exceptional services which are unrivaled in capability, effectiveness, and value.

"Professionalism is Paramount"

A Warm Welcome and Introduction

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  We would like to personally welcome you and thank you for taking a moment to learn more about us. A common phrase used by virtually everyone at TSE is “professionalism is paramount”. This phrase has faithfully guided the choices, decisions, and actions undertaken by Agency practitioners, and serves as a core principle of the Agency as a whole.

  Through this principle we commit ourselves to excellence and objecting the status quo, standing ready to face any challenge, and ensuring we remain accountable, adaptive, and vigilant. It is through this principle that humbly, we have become the region’s most respected and top-rated public safety and security-based services provider.

  We have all witnessed the countless shortcomings and blunders of traditional security guard companies, defense, and police service providers; as well as the deficiencies and failures of civil servants, government officials, corporations, businesses, nonprofits, and core community services.

  Due to poor administration, politics, incompetence, or malfeasance by decision makers; we continue to see the loss of life, violence, crime, and billions of dollars in annual property losses. To change this path, leaders and stakeholders from every sector and industry must abandon cost-based compromises, and implement value-based decision making that ensures adequate and proper security, safety, prosperity, and well-being.

  Whether you are a small business, corporation, government entity, nonprofit, housing community, an executive, a diplomat, or anything in-between; TSE is devoted to providing the most comprehensive life-safety and security-based solutions to each of our partners, clients, and communities as a whole.

  We vow to consistently provide distinguished solutions which preserve and protect life and limb, safeguard property and assets, and defend against current and emerging threats and hazards.

  We invite you to get to know us better and explore our website. Let us know if you have questions, or if you would like to discuss your needs. We are only a call or email away, and we look forward to hearing from you.



From Security & Protection, To Preventing Crimes and Saving Lives; TSE is a Trusted and Irreplaceable Partner for Countless Entities and Organizations


Square Miles of
Available Jurisdiction


Lives Lost
On Our Watch

$52 Billion

Estimated Value of
Protected Property/Assets


Claims & Losses for
Our Partners & Clients

Since 2009

We Have Been There
When It Matters Most

History of the Agency

Solutions Without Compromise

As a single source supplier of life-safety, investigative, security-based, and law enforcement solutions, TSE sharply contrasts traditional security guard companies and law enforcement service vendors that frequently deliver inferior and unsatisfactory service and performance; resulting in variations of security theater, financial waste, increased loss and liability, and elevated exposure.

TSE was formally established on September 1, 2009, in Barboursville, West Virginia; following several years of detailed and in-depth research.

Today, our Agency provides services to five geographically distinct tri-state regions, and state-wide across ten states. A cornerstone of our identity is exceeding the expectations and requirements of our partners, clients, and communities we serve; delivering extraordinary solutions in the most challenging of times.

Advanced Capabilities
Unrivaled Professionalism

Advanced Capabilities
Unrivaled Professionalism

The Finer Details

Technical Details

Whether protecting buildings, people, or property; patrolling communities, parks, critical infrastructure, or attractions; preventing acts of crime and terror; investigating crimes or wrongdoing, searching for missing persons, or uncovering fraud – Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority supplies private, public, and government sector markets with remarkable services and solutions tailored to meet their unique needs and goals.




Tutela Pro Omnibus, ("Protection for All")


September 1, 2009










Service Areas

20 Primary Areas, 120 Zones, 6 Districts


Multistate Regional; 120,000+ Sq. Mi.

As Authorized by Law, Statute, or E.O.

2009–20 Data

Protected Assets, Value:

 $52 bil. USD, Est.

Claims or Losses:


Injury or Death (Any):


Tax/Grant Funding:

 None; Ineligible

Service Categories

TSE delivers top-tier solutions for fixed, mobile, and wide-area needs requiring public safety, law enforcement, security, protection, crime prevention, apprehension, and investigations. We maintain the ability to perform high value protection, community oriented policing, anti-crime, anti-terror, and emergency service functions. Specialized armed security, special police, court security, school safety, physical defense, personal security, and professional training are among the Agency’s core capabilities.

NAICS Service Types: Safety, Security, Investigative, Public Order, Justice

UNSPSC Service Types: Law Enforcement, Peacekeeping, Security, Defense

GSA Service Types: Schedule 84 – Law Enforcement Solutions

SIN: 561612

SIN: 611430ST

SIN: 541990L

246 54

426 6

426 7

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Common Q&A

TSE (Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority) is a Multistate organization which supplies and provides mission-critical public safety services, special police services, advanced protective security and armed guard services, court and judicial services, and related law enforcement and emergency services for and on behalf of public and private sector markets.
TSE is a multistate regional authority that is privately held, often acting as a public benefit corporation. TSE frequently acts under various private-private and public-private partnerships, and is a provider of professional services to individuals and organizations (of any type) under service contract agreements.
In 2020, TSE began a modernization project of the issued credentials and articles to Agency officials working in positions which often involve public contact. While we fully expect this project to be fully completed by the end of 2021, there may be some personnel who are delayed in receiving their updated identification credentials. With the new credentials, you can inspect the reverse of the credential for a unique and secure code used to verify identity and status with TSE. Alternatively, you may call +1-877-299-7710 for further assistance. 
TSE is conferred, among other things, varying delegation of authority by each state or district in which we operate (additional authority may be granted when acting in any federal capacity). However, through law, legislation, executive order, and other measures, similar baseline authority for our operation exists, which is where our authority is derived from. In general, this authority is granted to the Agency, which is then conferred upon Agency representatives (officers, investigators, etc.).
Yes, when certain criteria and conditions are met. Generally, a search may be permitted when any person or method of conveyance (car, truck, aircraft, boat, or similar):

1 – is entering or attempting to enter a secure, restricted, or controlled area that is subject to search and/or inspection as a condition of entry;

2 – has entered or is within a secure or restricted area, or has been randomly selected for security-based screening in accordance with law and policy;

3 – when probable cause exists in addition to reasonable suspicion (e.g. observation or witnessed in person, by camera, by inspection or screening equipment) a dangerous or prohibited article, unlawful article or substance, unauthorized weapon or article, or stolen property;

4 – in connection with property rules and/or regulations (public, private, and/or government properties, buildings, facilities, grounds, etc.);

5 – in connection with matters of national security, and where TSE has been specifically authorized or requested to conduct a search;

6 – in connection with lawful activities organized or led by local, state or federal police or law enforcement agencies, where participation by TSE as been specifically requested or directed;

7 – exigent circumstance (extremely narrow in scope); and finally,

8 – in connection with a lawful arrest, seizure, tow, or when legal consent is obtained.
Yes, in nearly all instances TSE personnel can file a civil or criminal complaint against a natural person or entity in accordance with Agency authority and the statutes of that particular jurisdiction. In many cases, however, it is easier and more appropriate for criminal complaints to be referred or relinquished by TSE personnel to local or state police for processing and handling.
Yes, in all areas and states where TSE operates and has lawful jurisdiction; TSE officers have lawful arrest authority (variable scope, granted: statutorily, executively, legislatively, or through case or common law).
No, traffic stops are not a function of Agency operations. As of 2021, TSE and Agency personnel have no lawful authorization to conduct a traffic stop upon any motorist traveling upon any public roadway. (Limited Exceptions: 1 – within certain private, cooperative, or corporate properties generally not open to the public; or, 2 – within certain state or federal government installations or properties generally not open to the public).

If an offense is observed upon any public roadway, highway, freeway, street, or public-use road; TSE personnel do not and cannot stop the motorist. Personnel will however, relay all information, concerns, and observed violations to local or state police. It is up to local or state police to respond, investigate, and make the determination whether or not to conduct a stop.

There are multiple levels to use of force. For example, an officer giving you a command is considered a use of force. However, with respect to more serious uses of force; including use of weapons (e.g. taser, baton, firearm, pepper spray, hand strikes, etc.), from 2009 to 2020, TSE has had only three uses of nonlethal force, and zero uses of lethal force.

In all three instances, TSE Officers used an Oleoresin Capsicum chemical irritant (pepper spray) to disperse large groups of individuals who were behaving violently and were destroying property. None of these incidents resulted in more than exposure (and burning) from the use of the spray. No one requested or required medical assistance.

Due to the consistent utilization of advanced verbal communication skills, TSE personnel are often able to successfully deescalate situations quickly. TSE places a very high priority on verbal and nonverbal communication skills, as well as Community Oriented Policing Standards; skills which are used with great success every day by Agency personnel.

Yes, all uniformed TSE officers are issued and utilize body worn cameras in accordance with agency policy and law (Limited Exceptions: cameras may not be issued or utilized by certain TSE officers assigned to federal duties in accordance with federal law and regulation). TSE was one of the first organizations in the Mid-Atlantic region (public or private) to implement and deploy the devices. In many areas, we are still the only agency to utilize them. Body worn cameras are a proven tool and mechanism to protect everyone involved against false claims and allegations, and serve as an irreplaceable tool to maintain full and transparent accountability of TSE personnel.

Yes, TSE officers render emergency medical care and much more. All officers, regardless of previous employment history, are required to be or become certified in a variety of topics and subjects typically not covered in any states’ approved basic training. In many cases, TSE personnel are required to complete a specialized training curriculum as a condition of employment.

In total, this specialized training can be upwards of two thousand hours, encompassing a variety of intermediate and advanced subjects. This is part of our Proprietary All Hazards Approach℠. Some of the areas of certification and training include: use of thermal imaging cameras, emergency medical care and advanced first aid, opiate overdose care and Narcan® certification, firefighting, explosives, radiological hazards, critical infrastructure protection, responding to active shooters, evacuation planning and coordination, hazardous materials, and more. Officer certifications are issued under state or national authority.

Yes, you have. We established our Highway Guardian Program in 2015, which in most cases requires on-duty officers and other personnel to stop for motorists which appear to be experiencing an emergency, or appear to be in distress.

As practical, TSE personnel will render as much assistance as possible (this includes things like helping with flat tires, jump starts, traffic safety, emergency medical care, assisting with traffic crashes, making notifications and courtesy calls, contacting local fire-rescue, calling AAA or local towing company, and more).

The Highway Guardian Program is a part of our ONE commUNITY strategy and framework. All assistance provided through the Highway Guardian Program is at no cost to motorists, taxpayers, or Agency partners or clients.

Yes, TSE provides a wide range of training services including topics such as active shooter, disaster management, insider threats, general safety and security, threat mitigation, and more.

TSE also provides training specific for those designated as critical infrastructure, or fall under ESF and/or NPPD.

Training is available to organizations and individuals.

Yes, TSE can provide guest speakers as well as subject matter experts for a variety of needs.

On all complaints and violations, there will be specific information which details what it is, and the subject of the violation or complaint. It will clearly detail what to do next, including where to go if necessary, and the known penalties at the time of issuance.

You must complete and submit request form IRER 1-2. TSE as an organization is an exempt entity under 5 U.S.C. § 552, and does not accept or process Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.
Persons who are part of the incident, event, or matter, are normally provided with the case or event number during their interaction with TSE personnel. The case or event number is normally written on a business card and provided by the TSE representative completing the report. To request a copy of a report which involved you, contact TSE by email and provide the case or event number, as well as your name and phone number.

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