Our Exclusive and Proprietary
All-Hazards Approach℠

360° Total Protection Against Today’s Hazards, Risks, and Threats



Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority’s All-Hazards Approach℠ is the result of meticulously trained and experienced professionals, who continually expand their knowledge and skills through specialized training and ongoing professional development. As a result, our clients, partners, communities, and the public are safer and better protected to levels unattainable by other service providers in the private and public sectors. Each day, our professionals utilize their training, skills and experience to deliver exceptional real-world solutions that prevent and mitigate hazards, threats, crime, and emergencies.

Protection, Law, and Order

TSE Officers are successful graduates of Federal, State, and/or POST approved law enforcement training. Far beyond the capabilities of traditional security guards; personnel maintain peace and enforce laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations.

Fire, Rescue, and Evacuation

Personnel are trained in basic firefighting and rescue, capable of performing immediate rescues and fighting incipient fires; and are also trained evacuation coordination,  and are able to administer small or large-scale evacuation operations.

Civil Defense

Personnel are trained in a variety of civil defense and civil disturbance related subjects, providing specialized protection and defense for locations and assets during protests and riots, reducing the likelihood of losses, damages, and injuries.

Natural Disasters

Personnel are trained in emergency and disaster management, having in-depth knowledge and capabilities during times of natural and man-made disaster; including pre-disaster planning, response, operations, and recovery services.

Community First

TSE Officers undertake advanced training in the fields of community oriented policing, verbal de-escalation, and other related subjects. Officers take a community-first approach to virtually any situation, resolving many issues through communication.

Unmatched Support

When our clients, partners, or our own officers need help with an issue, there are specialized teams available to provide the support that is needed. From high-level crime to anti-terrorism, disasters to civil unrest; TSE provides a flexible range of specialized support.

Hazardous Materials

TSE personnel are trained in a variety of hazardous material subjects including response, containment, and more; allowing officers to proficiently respond to hazardous materials incidents, bomb threats, radiological and biological threats, and more.

Emergency Medical Care

Personnel are certified in advanced first aid, CPR, AED, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, and opiate overdose care. Personnel and patrol cars are equipped with emergency medical kits; allow officers to quickly stabilize a variety of life threatening conditions.


Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority is a Multistate organization which supplies and provides mission-critical public safety services, special police services, advanced protective security and armed guard services, and more – for and on behalf of many market and entity types.

TSE supplies contracted top-tier solutions for fixed, mobile, and wide-area needs requiring public safety, law enforcement, protection, crime prevention, apprehension, and investigations. Further, we perform special-requirement security, anti-crime, anti-terror, and emergency service functions.

Whether protecting buildings, people, or property; patrolling communities, parks, critical infrastructure, or attractions – Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority supplies many types of private and public sector markets with services and solutions tailored to meet their unique and specific needs.


A cornerstone of the identity and reputation of the Agency is contingent upon the advanced training provided to our personnel.

To us, the often overused phrase, “leading by example,” has a very deep meaning. Taking the sum of our knowledge, training, experience, and wisdom; we lead, empower, and teach those who desire to advance their skills, understanding, and preparedness.

By leveraging the expansive knowledge and experience of our Agency instructors and most experienced professionals, TSE delivers world-class training for all variety of civil and military security, defensive, and police forces; as well as corporate, nonprofit, healthcare, as well as community-based and faith-based organizations.

Training is available to all qualifying public and private organizations and individuals within the United States, and select international nations and locations.

360° Protection Against Today's Hazards And Threats


In a world ever-changing, it has become increasingly important for public and private markets to reconsider their safety and security posture. As we have witnessed so many tragic and monumental events over the last decade, it was not until recently that many experienced for the first time: what happens when you dial 911 and no one answers or help doesn’t come. We’ve seen what happens when government fails to provide and ensure public safety; and the protection of residences, businesses, and assets in communities.
For some, calling 911 for help is not much of an option. In many areas, 911 response times by municipal police have increased so dramatically, that emergency calls (e.g. assault, burglary, carjacking, robbery, etc.) are sitting for hours on end, without any one going. That is of course, assuming your call is answered. In Philadelphia, residents and news outlets complained that from 2020 and continuing into 2021, likely thousands of 911 calls are never even answered. News outlets interviewed dozens of residents and business owners, all of who experienced some form of loss.
Even if a 911 call is answered and entered in the system, municipal police departments across the country are overwhelmed, understaffed, and underfunded; to level which has never been seen. Even with the current turmoil and problems aside, the courts have ruled time and time again that municipal police have no legal obligation to protect life, limb, or property. It is noteworthy that in addition, municipal police officers are afforded an incredible amount of civil and criminal immunity; resulting in inaction as well as over-reaction, and can lead to tragic consequences. Due to their immunity, it is somewhat rare for municipal police officers to be held accountable for their official actions. When you add politics into the mix (e.g. prosecutor’s offices, city attorneys, mayors, county commissioners, governors, etc.,) you are left with increasing problems, and seemingly no real solutions.
In contrast to the majority of municipal police departments and civil servants, TSE has an absolute legal obligation to protect life, limb and property; and we do so successfully without the protection of immunity. Moreover, we are truly honored to fulfill such a meaningful role throughout the region, providing a high-level of responsive service which is effective, desirable, and accountable. In order to provide the most comprehensive range of solutions to protect life, limb, and property against hazards and threats; TSE developed our proprietary All-Hazards Approach℠. This holistic, scalable, and adaptable approach provides a suite of complementary and comprehensive capabilities which are largely unmatched outside of a select few federal and military organizations.
Our exclusive approach was developed in order to ensure the best and most favorable outcome to the widest range of hazards and situations that our clients, partners, and stakeholders may face. This approach is incorporated organically to the daily operations of the Agency, and is the standard level of service afforded to each of our partners and clients across all vertical markets. Resulting from a combination of factors, to include this exclusive approach, we have successfully operated without ever having a single loss or major incident. Ever. We accomplished this without ever using deadly force, without qualified immunity, and without ever violating the rights and liberties of others. Regardless of the situation, and no matter the risk, we vow to always be the calm during the storm.