Capability Case Study: Thermal Imaging Camera Devices

Area and Parameter: Safety & Security
Search • Locate • Identify • Rescue • Apprehend

The Capability: Thermal Imaging Cameras

TSE officers have a wide variety of tools and equipment available, some of which facilitate superior performance and capabilities. Of these devices, officers have access to state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras. Personnel can deploy and utilize these devices in numerous ways, and for several purposes. This includes operations matters involving persons, vehicles, cargo, structures and buildings, parameters, and more.

The Benefit:

Officers utilize these devices in instances of parameter security and control, detect persons or vehicles which may be intentionally obscured from eyesight, locate missing and lost persons, in firefighting/rescue/evacuation operations, as well as other sensitive situations. The devices allow personnel to “see” heat signatures. A person in a corn field, someone laying down in brush pile, or a vehicle in the distance at night which is “blacked out” having no lights or illumination; are all clearly seen due to their heat signature, which can’t be hidden in nearly any instance. As such, TSE officers have a tool that effectively gives them the abilities to see what may be optically invisible.