Partner Case Study: State of West Virginia (005)

Public Safety | Parks and Recreation Services

The Location:

A beautiful and unique West Virginia State Park located near Charleston, WV, serves as a final resting place for United States Military Veterans who served their country.

The Situation:

A series of escalating events, which  involved threats from armed individuals prompted the park administrator and cabinet secretary to take immediate action. Despite contacting various state-level police and law enforcement agencies; the situation remained unresolved, and the threats an danger persisted.

The Solution:

After speaking with the cabinet secretary and meeting with park administrators, TSE Charleston personnel designed and implemented a specialized security plan; with a focus on crime and terror prevention, and addressing the major challenges present based on the specific location and layout of the park. Following implementation of service, TSE officers responded to and addressed a variety of issues, incidents, and concerns; and performed a wide array of security and public safety, police services, emergency medical aid, and emergency management functions within the park.