Partner Case Study: Harrisburg, PA (001)

Public Safety & Protective Security Services

The Location:

A mixed-use commercial property featuring shopping and dining, a transit hub, and community center partnered with TSE to protect and safeguard their employees, visitors, and property.

The Situation:

The property stakeholders were previously working with off-duty local police officers, and a national security guard company for retail security. Despite this, there continued to be incidents on the property including armed robberies, thefts, assaults, vandalism, and other criminal and unwanted activities.

The Solution:

After assessing their property and operations, TSE Harrisburg personnel met with stakeholders to discuss objectives, goals, and discuss challenges. A public safety and security services solution was then engineered to meet their specific budgetary requirements, without sacrificing effectiveness. TSE began providing public safety and security services via a combination of dedicated and roving and mobile patrol.