Partner Case Study: Steelton | Harrisburg, PA (003)

Public Safety & Protective Security Services

The Location:

A local Islamic Community Center became increasingly concerned about the threat of crime and violence against their place of worship and congregation.

The Situation:

Decision-Makers and congregation members were worried, following violence, terrorism, and shootings against religious organizations; and ever-growing Islamophobic incidents.

The center had recently experienced thefts, as well as numerous suspicious persons loitering and prowling around their center during prayers.

The Solution:

Following an Operational Value of Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability Assessment, TSE Harrisburg detailed a plan of prevention and action. A protective security solution was engineered to meet the specific requirements of the center, which was then approved by the center’s decision-makers. TSE began the implementation and delivery of these services via a combination of roving patrol, and dedicated on-site security.