Partner Case Study: Harrisburg, PA (004)

Public Safety & Protective Security Services

The Location:

A community health center – hospital pharmacy just minutes from the State Capitol in Harrisburg, PA, partnered with TSE to put an end to ongoing crimes – namely armed robberies.

The Situation:

The pharmacy in this healthcare facility had been the victim of ongoing and recurring violent crimes, including repeated robberies. Despite hospital security, and municipal police response to 911 calls and duress alarm activations, the various crimes and robberies continued.

The Solution:

After meetings and discussions regarding the robberies and other concerns with TSE Harrisburg, a security plan was engineered with a strong focus on the implementation of crime prevention strategies and early intervention. This planned approach was discussed with all involved stakeholders from both the pharmacy and hospital. The plan was approved, and TSE began delivery of protective security services to the medical center pharmacy.