Partner Case Study: Housing Community (006)

Public Safety & Protective Security Services

The Location:

A well appointed apartment-home community located in the Mid-Atlantic region, is home to residents from all walks of life, and varied socio-economic backgrounds. The on-site management staff worked M-F from 9am – 4pm, and employed four 24 hour maintenance personnel. There were cameras on the property, however there were no public safety or security personnel on-site.

The Situation:

A once thriving and highly sought after residential apartment community was on a steady decline due to unchecked minor problems that compounded and escalated over the years. One day, a resident with her two toddlers was cornered by an irrational man under the influence of drugs. This event proved to be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

The Solution:

After meeting with on-site management, and discussing the situation in detail with corporate management and ownership, TSE designed and implemented a community oriented policing plan; with a main focus on crime elimination, as well as resident and non-resident management. TSE also put into action housing-specific security protocols, specifically developed for situations like this.