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Film And TV Production Highlights



TSE was entrusted to provide safety and security services for the staff, cast, and set protection of the reality television series Buckwild; produced by Greg Bonhert, of Bon-Z Squared in association with MTV / Viacom.

The series was filmed primarily in and around Charleston, WV; with additional filming in Huntington, and Morgantown, WV.

The first and only full season was aired on MTV in 2013.


Cadillac Hash

TSE was contacted and retained to provide high-risk undercover safety and security services in the production of the reality motion picture: Oxyana. This film was directed by Sean Dunne, and produced by Cadillac Hash.

The filming of Oxyana occurred throughout various areas and locations in and around southern West Virginia.

The film is based around Oceana, WV; and premiered at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival.

Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding

TLC / Firecracker

TSE was retained to provide general safety, security, and emergency services for portions of the production of: My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, produced by Firecracker in association with TLC.

Services were provided for portions of the production which took place in central Pennsylvania, near the state capitol of Harrisburg.

TSE delivered these services to the production in spring of 2017.

A Snapshot Of Some Of Our Partners And Clients

There are a variety of entities we do business with that, for various reasons, won’t permit us to share our relationship with others. We respect the wishes and privacy of every entity we work with, and never share any information needing to be kept confidential.

Some of the industry organizations we partner with to provide safety, security, policing, and related services include: apartment, condominium, and private communities; banks and financial institutions; churches and worship centers; communications providers; electricity, energy, oil, and gas generation and suppliers, healthcare providers and clinics; numerous nonprofit groups; local, state, and federal government entities; local community partnerships in both unincorporated areas and downtown improvement districts; law firms, prosecutors, and judicial officials; public and private insurance organizations; local law enforcement partnerships; and many others too numerous to list.

No matter your organization, TSE delivers proven solutions which are unmatched by anyone else in the region. From safety, to security, policing, and more; no one else compares to us. Instead of gambling with security guard companies; clueless, undertrained, underpaid, and unprofessional security guards; make the better choice for your organization, employees, interests, and visitors.

We’re Not Saying Much, Our Partners & Clients Are

Via Google, social media, typed on official letterheads, and even by email; our partners tell us regularly how impressed they are with the services we provide them.

In addition, we receive outright awesome feedback from the public, local law enforcement agencies we work in cooperation with, and even elected and appointed community leaders.

If you’re considering TSE for your safety, security, policing, investigative, court/judicial, or similar needs – let us know if you’d like to take a look any of our correspondence we have available for review.

Additionally, you can find even more awesome feedback via Google and various social media websites. While people are more prone to complaining about negative experiences, we’re very humbled and pleased that many have taken to sharing their overly positive experiences. In fact, we proudly maintain a 5/5 Star rating with our partners and clients; and a 100% satisfaction rate.

Coupled with no losses or incidents since our formation, we have a track record of pure success for not only us – but for our partners and clients as well!

We Are The Region’s Top-Rated Partner For Protective Security Needs.