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Concept of the Agency

In 2005, a small group of like-minded professionals identified a problem they deeply wished to solve. They desired to form and establish an independent entity that would supply more substantial solutions than those provided by traditional security guards or off-duty local police officers; and, eventually provide and supply special police and other related services to businesses, communities, state, local, and federal governments, municipalities, and more. 


Concept to Reality

During a dinner-meeting of the original principles of the Agency, an individual threw a brick through the restaurant window where they were meeting – menacing staff and customers. Though several people called 911, it took city police nearly an hour to arrive. When officers finally arrived, the situation had been handled. It was this event, on this night, that provided a unique resolve to move forward.

2006 - 2009

Research and Planning

With well over 200 years of collective law enforcement, public safety, and emergency management experience on the table, it would still take three years of specific research and planning before the Agency would be established. Further; merging and bridging the critical roles, tasks and abilities of law enforcement, security, fire fighters, rescue technicians, medics, and emergency managers, proved to be conceptually and logistically challenging.


Agency Founded

After years of research and planning, interviews and meetings, conferences and much more; Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority was officially chartered and commenced operations September 1, 2009. Using a organically networked approach, TSE signed around a dozen partners and clients by December 31st, 2009.

Court Security Officer
Security and Crime Prevention Services

2010 - 2014

Early Impacts

Over the following years, operational methods and processes underwent continuous quality improvement. Refinements were made on an on-going basis, improving every aspect of service. During this time, huge impacts were made by Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority officers and agents. With clients, partners, and the community taking positive notice, the Agency continued to focus on quality, improvement, and expanding access to more areas.

2015 - 2019

Momentum & Expansion

Following early successes, and upon taking the lessons learned from trial and error; the Agency began picking up a sustained momentum. During this time, many market sectors throughout the region began learning of who the Agency was, and of the premium solutions provided. Significant expansion occurred during this period, including markets served, geographic areas served, and expanded services and capabilities.



The Year Of Changes

The Agency took an early notice to COVID-19, with January projections indicating it would likely have a significant global impact, despite what was being reported through the media. While COVID continued it’s spread, growing instances of protests became increasing violent throughout the country. As we’ve traversed 2020, changing and adapting as we go; we believe the impacts from 2020 are far from over.

Seal of The Agency

There have been five historic iterations to the visual identity of the Agency. In 2018, a study and design was commissioned for a final redesign, which was to be fully representative of the past and future of the Agency. Starting with the color of the seal, a carefully selected shade of blue represents strength and responsibility.

In the center of the seal, the Agency coat of arms is displayed, supported by laurels from beneath. The center shield features two chevrons, representing protection; crossed oak leaves, representing strength and endurance; and two crossed swords, representing readiness for battle. Situated above the shield, a helmet of nobility represents the chivalric nature we maintain.

Atop the helmet and cresting the shield, an eagle clutches a sword with wings spread, representing the ability to sense and react to danger from afar. Situated below the shield, a scroll details the Agency’s motto “TUTELLA PRO OMNIBUS”, meaning Protection For All.
TSE - Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority Agency Seal and Logo
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Anti-Terror/Anti-Crime Unit (ATAC)

TSE Anti-Terror/Anti-Crime (ATAC) Officers

A special unit formally established in 2016, the Anti-Terror/Anti-Crime Unit (ATAC) is a multi-team unit of extremely specialized personnel; handling critical services in special, escalated, and high-threat/high-risk environments.

Personnel assigned to the ATAC unit provide solutions primarily to Designated Critical Infrastructure operations and organizations; who require the highest levels of defense and protection against the most serious risks and threats.

Supported as needed by all other teams, units, and personnel within the Agency; the practitioners assigned to the ATAC unit represent some of the most elite, experienced, and extensively trained professionals from around the nation.

ATAC practitioners have multidisciplinary backgrounds in relevant active duty military service, overseas contracting, and state and federal special operations. All personnel assigned to ATAC participate in the best and most desirable training available, and no expense is spared with regards to the training, equipment, and capabilities of the Unit.

The Mid Atlantic Regional Coordination Center (MARCC)

Inside a modest nondescript building an hour northwest of Washington, DC, a specialized group of experts are hard at work 24/7/365. This is MARCC – the Mid Atlantic Regional Coordination Center. 

At the center, analysts review intelligence and threat information, monitor a variety of networks, and analyze all forms open-source data. Coordinators monitor officer activities, track personnel and vehicles, monitor cameras, as well as monitor local, state, and federal interoperability networks.

The center is responsible for the processing and transmittal of information and intelligence not only within our Agency, but also to numerous other organizations throughout the country. MARCC is an integral part of virtually every aspect of the operations of the Agency.

MARCC Intelligence Analyst
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