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Differentiating your organization is a complex balance of location, people, assets, innovation, exposure, fiscal responsibility, and partnerships. Properly protecting and safeguarding your organization against losses and liabilities has become increasingly more critical; and now more than ever before, it’s imperative to maintain a posture that prevents and mitigates losses from more than simple criminal acts.

With TSE as your partner, you receive the benefits of the Mid-Atlantic Region’s leading provider of pubic safety, security, policing, and protective solutions and programs that work for you.

Some of the key benefits to a TSE partnership include improving overall employee/resident/customer/visitor retention & mood, decreased or eliminated loss and shrinkage, improved personal relations and satisfaction, significant reductions in liabilities, and much more.

a Leading-Edge Program,

Designed Specifically for You

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TSE delivers custom-tailored programs for virtually any organization who would like to partner with TSE for their security, protection, and policing needs. TSE partners come from organizations small and large; from those in the private and commercial sectors; government sector; non-profits; and everything in-between. TSE partnerships are an evolution with the changing times, as we work to stay ahead of emerging trends and threats; and ensure a partnership with TSE is always about your specific needs and goals.

Advantages of a TSE Partnership

Working with the Mid-Atlantic Region’s Public Safety and Security Leader, You Enjoy the Benefits of Worry-Free Solutions and Unmatched Service.

Increased Value

TSE partnerships are highlighted by unparalleled value. Organizations, their employees, customers, and visitors enjoy unmatched safety, service, and security. This is preferable over utilizing budgetary resources on partners who are inattentive and ineffective.

Fiscally Responsible

You don't have to gamble with your budget. TSE understands many organizations want and need better; not wanting to waste financial resources on security service partners that are ineffective. A partnership with TSE is a quantifiable investment in both the short and long term success of your organization.

Partnership Evolution

TSE places a strong focus on long-term, successful partnerships. With a landscape that is ever-changing, TSE is a partner that keeps you ahead of emerging threats and trends; and ensures your specific needs are identified and addressed, even when you're unaware.

More than Security

Your partnership with TSE means being safeguarded and protected against all hazards and threats. Why settle for mediocre security guard services, when you can truly safeguard and protect what matters most.

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TSE is a very unique organization, as are the solutions and services we provide for and on behalf of our partners. Stakeholders and other key decision makers may face difficulty in understanding the differences between TSE and other organizations, which could be mistaken as being similar. Accordingly, TSE Partner Services have published information to assist organizations looking for a new partner for their specific safety and security needs; or, who are seeking to upgrade their current security and public safety posture.

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