Better than Security Guards – Interview with Mr. Shannon Rose

By June 24, 2017 No Comments

TSE strives to provide the best security related services to not only our partners and clients, but also to be stewards of the community. We accomplish this in a number of ways, most importantly is by being so much more than a normal security guard company, and supplying trained and certified professionals – versus low-paid and untrained security guards that the majority of other companies and firms provide. Part of our core services include being a trustworthy resource to everyone – to include the public, visitors, et cetera. This generally provides numerous benefits, including free exchange of information. Information that can be acted upon, such as wanted persons, drug deals, crimes that have occurred or are about to occur, and more. This results in TSE Officers being able to preempt activities; pass along information to other agencies including local police, probation and parole; and numerous other agencies. Our Officers conduct themselves and do their job with respect and dignity, which results in a high level of trust both with partners/clients, and also members of the community.

Officer Gillispie recently had the opportunity to interview Mr. Shannon Rose. Mr. Rose wanted to go on record and share with others his opinion about the services and subsequent benefits TSE provides to our partners/clients, and the community in general.

Mr. Rose is not only a resident in one of the communities we work within, but also a patron of a business that has partnered with TSE for their security needs. Mr. Rose asked Officer Gillispie if there was any way to go on record and share his thoughts about TSE; following an incident where our Officers acted on information which prevented an incident from occurring. We appreciate the kind words Mr. Rose, and sincerely hope to continue providing the highest level of service possible.