A Better Alternative to Traditional Security Guards

TSE Internal News
June 24, 2017

An Interview with Mr. Shanon Rose | TSE News

TSE delivers the Mid-Atlantic Region’s top-rated security, policing, and public safety services to our partners and clients. But more than that, TSE positions the Agency and officers to be role models, and stewards of the community.

TSE is able to accomplish this important distinction in a number of ways. Namely and most importantly, the Agency is much more than a traditional security guard company. TSE Officers are extensively trained and certified professionals, sharply contrasting the lowly paid, inattentive, and untrained security guards seen working for that the majority of security guard companies throughout the United States.

Part of the mission of this Agency includes being a trustworthy and helpful resource to everyone; including the public, in addition to partners and clients, and their employees, guests, and visitors. In general, this delivers numerous benefits, including a free exchange of often much-needed information, directions, and contacts for various community resources available to under-served and less fortunate members of our communities.

Actionable intelligence such as wanted persons, drug deals, conspiracy, and other crimes are often shared with TSE officers, which is information that likely would never make it to local police personnel. This results in TSE Officers being able to share intelligence with other agencies, preempt crimes and illicit activities, and undertake many other activities that would otherwise be impossible. TSE Officers conduct themselves, carry out their job responsibilities, and treat others with respect and dignity. This results in a high level of trust being built with those who interact with officers.

Officer Gillispie had the opportunity to interview Mr. Shannon Rose. Mr. Rose wanted to go on the record, and share with others his experiences and opinions with TSE; and elaborate on the impact made by officers in the community.

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