Key Benefits of Specialized Armed Security in 2022

Hiring Armed Security in 2022

Whether it’s a private or public matter, there are numerous reasons organizations such as businesses, nonprofits, government, and more may desire or require specialized armed security. Let’s explore some key benefits, and answer the question “do I need specialized armed security?”

5 Tips for a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Saint Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s day has a long and often overlooked history, but let’s face it: most people recognize the day as one to party! Celebrating St Patrick’s can mean great times for everyone – as long as you remember you’re responsibilities involve not getting too wasted or doing something regretful.

Protect Against Card Skimming Devices

Card skimmer device on ATM

Criminals are now using a new breed of card skimming devices, placing the devices on everything from ATMs to gas pumps. These devices are being found not only throughout the US, but also around the world.

5 Tips for Surviving an Active Shooter Incident

Surviving an Active Shooter Incident

Having the ability to save yourself in an active shooter situation starts with understanding what’s going on around you. If things seem out of place, or you just “feel” something isn’t right, listen to your instincts. Here are five tips that can help you survive an active shooter situation.