10 Expert Qualities to Look for When Hiring Private Security

Hiring Private Security

Today, security is an essential part of protecting an organization’s customers, employees, data, assets, property, and more; mitigating and reacting to crime and violence, theft and shrink, fire and medical emergencies, and much more – as long as organizations choose the right provider.

7 Benefits for Businesses Who Hire Security

7 Benefits Enjoyed By Businesses Who Have Proper Security

When you need professional security services to keep your business safe, there’s no shortage of companies and firms to work with. Hiring an armed guard from a reputable and established partner can help to protect your business and its assets while keeping costs realistic.

Key Benefits of Specialized Armed Security in 2022

Hiring Armed Security in 2022

Whether it’s a private or public matter, there are numerous reasons organizations such as businesses, nonprofits, government, and more may desire or require specialized armed security. Let’s explore some key benefits, and answer the question “do I need specialized armed security?”

Costs of Failure To Provide Adequate Security

Funeral service for violent crime victim

As violence creeps higher across the United States, it’s becoming more commonplace for victims of violent crimes to file lawsuits against the businesses, venues, and those responsible for the locations where these violent acts occur.