Do I Need Specialized Armed Security?

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Do I Need Specialized Armed Security?


Whether it’s a private or public matter, there are a numerous amount of reasons anyone could require specialized armed security. Here are a few examples.


The world is a dangerous place. It’s scary to think about unpredictable behavior, the use of weapons, and hurting innocent people.

This is especially true if you run a business; you want to be safe, but you also want to give your customers a safe shopping experience and to protect your assets.

This is also true for housing and apartment communities; ensuring residents, visitors, children, and others can enjoy a safe and crime free environment.

Armed security is a great option for your business or community if you make or hold a lot of money or other items of value; if your business or community is located in an unsafe area; or if you could be a potential victim of an armed robbery or other crimes.

If an alarm system or outdated surveillance cameras isn’t cutting it for you, it’s a great option to consider hiring some form of security.  Here are a few reasons why some form of a security guard is right for you.


Your Community or Business is Located in an Unsafe Area


It’s easy to move into an area, operate a business, or conduct your day-to-day activities without knowing the surrounding area.

Maybe you are in a safe area, but break-ins, shootings, and robberies have been happening close by. Or maybe seedy people like to hang out around your business.

If your business or office is in an unsafe area, this is a sign you should have someone present to protect you, employees, customers, guests, and other visitors.

Having a security officer, law enforcement officer, or public safety officer, or other highly trained and qualified practitioners can especially beneficial if you live in an area with strict firearm laws. Even if you don’t live in a strict carry area, an appropriately trained and qualified armed security practitioner can be best equipped to keep people and property safe and secure.


You Have Been in a Dangerous Situation


Crime rates are at an all-time high. Victim blaming is out of the question –there are bad people in this world, and they target good people. It doesn’t matter what time of day they attack, how many people you’re with, or where you’re located.

Chances are, you may have been or know someone who has been involved in a dangerous situation. We read it on our news feeds, see it on TV, and hear about it wherever we go. Times have changed, and the world continues to become more and more dangerous.

Robbery, rape, homicides, and assaults are far too common and frequent. Safety is an important investment, and no one can provide this more effectively than the right person, on location, acting in real time as an incident begins – stopping it before it turns into another story we see every day on the news.

If your business or community has been facing in increase in crime and don’t feel safe; we will ease your mind, and put your safety first.


You Want to Protect Your Children


Because of the high amount of school shootings, pedophilia/abductions/stalking children, and break-ins, it’s becoming more common to have armed security officers guarding schools.

While these security officials are hired by the school system, you will rest assured knowing your child will be more protected; and the school will function better since security won’t be on everyone’s mind.


Protect Your Business


Do sketchy or questionable people hang around your office or business? Has your business been robbed? Do you carry expensive products, or items targeted by criminals? This can translate into the need for additional security?

In these cases, it’s a good idea to hire a security practitioner. Guards can make sure your products are business are safe. If there’s a robbery or other suspicious behavior, a security guard will handle the situation in real time – preventing the long wait for local police response.

A security guard also makes sure your customers are safe. When a robbery occurs, suspects can hold hostages and do at times hurt or kill employees and / or customers.

The safety of your customers and employees should be a high priority – as much to you as your own safety. A qualified security guard will ensure your customers, employees, and assets are safe and protected.


You Own, Operate, or Manage a Residential Property


You want your residents to feel safe living in your property. Residential communities face additional public safety and security challenges, and you want your residents and property to be protected from crime and other nefarious acts, whether you own an apartment, condo, or townhouse facility.

This is where many will consider some form of security guard or security services, such as our comprehensive solution: TSE Community Oriented Policing Initiative. Our extensively trained and certified Public Safety Officers make sure no issues occur on property, they make sure those who enter are residents or are approved by residents, and they are quick to take action regarding any fire or medical emergencies, and any criminal or suspicious activities.


You Are a Celebrity or Public Figure


If you’re known as a celebrity or a political/public figure, a security detail is important to make sure you’re protected.

When your face is recognizable by many, it’s impossible to know the actions of those around you. People may feel like they know you, even though they don’t.

You can hire a bodyguard to be around you all the time, or for special events. You’ll feel a lot safer knowing someone is always there to protect you.


You’re Hosting a Large Event


Mass shootings and other forms of assault are becoming more common, especially here in the United States. When a lot of people are together under one roof, the likelihood of a tragic event is more common.

Armed security guards will help your guests feel safe. They will pat down all attendees, check their bags and pockets for any weapons, and will put them through a metal detector.

There are a lot of responsibilities when booking a large event such as a concert, festival, or convention. But guest safety is your biggest concern. Armed security will make sure nothing goes wrong at your event.


Still Not Sure If You Need Security?



Security officers help keep you and others such as innocent citizens, colleagues, friends, employees, customers, and others safe. Not every location or situation requires a security or police officer, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Security personnel provided by TSE have extensive training  in verbal and physical de-escalation as well as the training and tools to handle the worst of situations.


The vast majority of our personnel are veterans of the United States Armed Forces, have been through a recognized Law Enforcement training academy, and generally all personnel undergo over 1,000 hours of training relating to use of force, weapons, terrorism, active shooter, the US Constitution, medical aid, firefighting, and much more.

Simply put, TSE personnel are among the most qualified in the security industry; mainly because they’re so much more than security guards.


Security guards are used for a variety of reasons. Bad people exist in the world, and they will target good people. If you don’t feel protected, hiring a security guard may be the right move for you.


If you’re looking for the best and most qualified security guards, we can help ensure your safety and security now, and in the future.