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Key Benefits of Specialized Armed Security in 2022

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Whether it’s a private or public matter, there are numerous reasons organizations such as businesses, nonprofits, government, and more may desire or require specialized armed security. Let's explore some key benefits, and answer the question "do I need specialized armed security?"
The world has increasingly become more and more dangerous. From the riots over the last few years, out-of-control carjackings, and brazen broad-daylight robberies, attacks, and killings; the reality of 2022 is that it’s essential to think about criminals’ unpredictable behavior, their use of weapons, and their indifference to human life.

For those responsible for an organization (e,g, business, corporate, energy, gov, nonprofit, commercial, and so on); there’s a renewed desire to maintain safety for your facility, operations, employees, and customers – ensuring a safe and functional environment resulting in n enjoyable experience while protecting your assets.

This extends to and holds true for many housing and apartment communities; ensuring residents, visitors, children, and others can enjoy a safe, enjoyable, and crime-free housing environment.

Armed security can be a great option for investing in the future of your business or community – more so if you manufacture or hold an inventory of money or other items of value. If your business or community is located in an unsafe area; or you hold items or inventory of interest – you could be targeted by criminals, and potentially become a victim of an armed robbery or other crimes.

Ask Yourself: Do I Need Specialized Armed Security?

Considerations For Decision Making in 2022

Table of Contents

1. You're Operating or Located in an Unsafe Area

It’s easy to move into an area, operate a business, or conduct your day-to-day activities without knowing the surrounding area. You may be in an area and not know what’s a potential or likely threat around you. You could easily end up in a dangerous or unwanted situation solely based on location.

You’re in a “good part of town” or “nothing ever happens around here”. That’s fair, we hear that a lot. Unfortunately, we also hear “I don’t know how ________ could happen here, it’s always been so quiet.” These days, it’s not just the traditional bad guys who are causing trouble. Neighboring businesses and residents, organized criminal gangs, large groups of juveniles and kids, or someone seemingly random who’s close by – someone with access and easy targets for their anger and mental health issues can be lurking around every corner nowadays.

Having a properly trained, equipped, and experienced security or public safety officer (ideally an ex-law enforcement officer or veteran), or, other highly trained and qualified practitioners can be especially beneficial if you live in an area with strict firearm laws or high instances of gun-related crimes. Even if you don’t live in a strict carry area, an appropriately trained and qualified armed security practitioner can be best equipped to keep people, assets, and property safe and secure.

2. You've Experienced Danger

Crime rates are at an all-time high. Victimhood is out of the question – there are many bad people in this world, and they target good people. It doesn’t matter what time of day they attack, how many people you’re with, or where you’re located. Being prepared to deal with these evolving threats is the best defense to these oftentimes repeat offenders.

Chances are, you or someone you know has been involved in a dangerous situation. We read it on our news feeds, see it on social media and TV, and hear about it wherever we go. Times have changed, and the world continues to become more and more dangerous.

Robbery, rape, homicides, and assaults are far too common and frequent. Safety and peace of mind is an important and necessary investment in 2022; and no one can provide this more effectively than the right person, on location, acting in real-time as an incident begins – stopping it before it turns into another unfortunate news story.

3. Impact on the Next Generation

With crime becoming more and more mainstream, it’s no wonder that today’s youth seem to embrace a life of violence – and act without thinking about the consequences of their actions. With this generation often growing up in a world where there is no attention paid to the environment, it’s no wonder that children feel like their actions do not affect them. Unfortunately, children who grow up in such environments tend to become violent and take part in criminal activities.

Need an example?

COLUMBIA, MD | September 17, 2021 – an armed robbery and assault resulted in serious injuries and several arrests according to local authorities. The robbery happened late Friday afternoon near Wylde Lake High, involving three suspects, one 15-year-old male, and two 13-year-old males. One of the males had been reported for assault on three separate occasions prior, so for some in the community, it wasn’t much of a surprise when he led his friends into an armed robbery.

This headline perfectly sums up the impact affecting the next generation. Children are raised without any morals or guidance, exposed to violence and crime, which results from the ideology that their actions cannot affect them, and have no hesitation to act violently.

4. Protecting Your Business

Do sketchy or questionable people hang around your office or business? Has your business been robbed? Do you carry expensive products or items targeted by criminals? This can translate into the need for additional security? Security is a major concern for any business, but it’s especially important if your company carries expensive products or items targeted by criminals.

Cameras and alarms have lost much of their effectiveness at deterring and preventing crimes. Nowadays, many companies have experienced the frustration of having a high-definition video of a crime occurring, giving it to police, and that’s the end.

It’s becoming increasingly common for no arrests to be made, even when there’s excellent footage of the suspects from security cameras. For the arrests which do occur, the damage has already been done, and it’s becoming the new norm for prosecutors to go soft on criminals.

5. Protecting Your Residents

You want your community to be a safe place for everyone. A residential building faces additional public safety and security challenges, so you need protection from crime in addition to all the other nefarious acts that can happen within these walls – whether it’s an apartment complex or condo townhouse facility where people live!

If you want your community to be a safe place, and you can’t do that without first making sure the residents are truly protected – and feel safe. The additional public safety challenges need attention from professionals who are properly trained and equipped to handle incidents on an ongoing basis for optimum safety.

This includes capabilities and performance involving all aspects of safety and security including crime prevention, emergency response capabilities (e911), fire protection, evacuation, emergency medical care, hazard identification, and much more.

Today’s complex world causes residents not only to look out for themselves but their neighbors as well. They deserve the right to live with less worry by knowing professionals are looking out for everyone and keeping them safe at all times.

6. Executives, Public Figures, VIP's

If you’re well-known, an executive, VIP, or a political/public figure; a proper personal security detail is vital to making sure you (and your associates or family) are protected. When you’re someone with a high net worth (or are connected to something high-value or controversial), it’s important to take your security seriously.

A leading motive for crime against someone in this category can come from quite literally anyone. Having someone skilled and loyal watching over you (like your very own life-saving guardian) can help identify all known and potential threats, and most importantly – ensure the safety and wellbeing of you and your inner circle.

7. Event Organizers & Hosts

Violence involving active shooters, chemical attacks, and other forms of assault and crime are becoming more common at special events, especially here in the United States. When a lot of people are together under one roof, the likelihood of a tragic event is exponentially higher.

It’s imperative to focus on more than stereotypical security for events. Preplanning, coordination, control, and response are all areas of critical importance. By ensuring properly trained and equipped safety and security professionals take charge of these aspects of your event; you can focus on other tasks and rest easy with armed security personnel protecting your guests and event.

Some functions you may consider include are pat-downs, metal detectors, bag checks, and more – a step that can prevent an incident before it even begins. It’s a simple and efficient way to keep people safe, and reduce the possibility of a tragic event occurring!

8. You're Still Unsure

When you work in a security-sensitive environment, it’s important to be safe. Security officers and public safety officers can help keep safe and protected from harm. By utilizing advanced skills including verbal de-escalation techniques, community policing, and active shooter mitigation; officers can prevent many incidents from ever occurring, and quickly mitigate any situation which might occur.

TSE supplies only exceptional police and security professionals who can handle any situation without hesitation or fear – thanks in part due to their exhaustive training and experience, making them an invaluable asset to protecting against today’s real-world threats.

Security guards and officers are utilized for a variety of reasons. Bad people exist in the world, and they will target good people. If you don’t feel protected, hiring a specialized armed security guard may be the right move for you. If you’re looking for the most capable and qualified security professionals, we can help ensure your safety and security now, and in the future.

Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority is a multistate organization that supplies mission-critical public safety services, special police services, advanced protective security and armed guard services, court and judicial services, and related law enforcement and emergency services; for and on behalf of public, private, and government sector markets through cooperative and service contract agreements.

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