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Below you will learn about the hiring process for applicants and qualified candidates interested in pursuing employment opportunities, and becoming part of the TSE family. The recruitment and hiring processes are designed to identify those best qualified and suited for open positions, and to streamline applicant processing. While recruitment efforts are ongoing, hiring and applicant processing occurs only when vacancies exist.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to review the information below, as many applicants may not be considered qualified for employment. All current openings are posted on Indeed.com, GlassDoor.com, and various other sites.

NO PHONE CALLS, PLEASE. We will not accept phone calls  regarding résumé submissions, the hiring process, qualifications, or to ask if we are currently hiring. Please review the information on this page for answers to both common and uncommon questions and concerns.


TSE: How To Apply

Recruiting the Best — Who Stand Out From The Rest

Recruiting the Best
Who Stand Out From The Rest

TSE hires on an as-needed basis. We encourage qualified candidates to submit their CV or Résumé and Cover Letter to Employment@TSEonline.org where it will be kept on-file for one year. When a vacancy or hiring need occurs, we will first review any qualified candidates who have submitted this information, and qualified candidates from any vacancies within the previous year.

While all professional organizations appreciate a thorough and detailed CV or résumé and Cover Letter, we ask that you do not include or provide any sensitive Personally Identifiable Information.

While security and protective services are part of the full suite of services and solutions provided by TSE; due to the operational nature and requirements of this Agency, clients, and partnering organizations, TSE is unable to hire security guards or non-specialized armed professionals. Candidates who lack the required and/or appropriate training, certifications, or experience will not be considered as qualified for employment.

TSE is an equal opportunity and veteran friendly employer. We proudly support our nation’s veterans, reservists, and military members transitioning to civilian life. We appreciate and value the discipline, knowledge, and skills acquired while serving; and find these to be highly desirable professional characteristics.

Candidate Expectations

Applicants and candidates must understand there is a prescribed hiring process in place, just as one should expect for any professional organization. Applicants and candidates should not expect an easy or expedient hiring process. The information contained on this page is provided to assist persons interested in employment opportunities. Please do not disregard any information provided; or falsely believe any information is outdated, exaggerated, or inflated.

The average processing time once a candidate is determined qualified for employment is approximately one hundred twenty days. Occasionally, a candidate may progress through the hiring process slower or faster. However, some aspects of the hiring process take a certain amount of time to complete.

The background investigation that candidates undergo is typically the longest portion of the onboarding and hiring process, followed by the interview process. Candidates who are found to be omitting or falsifying information or who are untruthful or deceitful will be immediately disqualified and excluded from all future employment consideration.
TSE - Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority

Candidate Onboarding Process

Step One

Submit CV or Résumé. An application for employment shall only be provided after the receipt of the candidate’s CV or Résumé, which is screened to ensure all minimum qualifications are met.

Step Two

Those meeting the minimum criteria are invited to complete the initial applicant paperwork, and may be invited to participate in an exam. The qualified candidates will be selected to continue the process.

Step Three

Those determined to be highly qualified will be invited to participate in an initial interview, where the candidate will be asked questions to assess knowledge, comprehension, aptitude, and skills.

Step Four

Candidates who complete the initial interview favorably will be provided with a background questionnaire, undergo a background investigation, and be scheduled for additional interviews.

Step Five

A detailed background investigation is performed to confirm information provided, and identify any criminal or civil disqualifications. Former employers, references, family members, neighbors, and others may be contacted during the investigation.

Step Six

Upon a favorable background investigation, candidates may be invited to complete physical fitness testing; to assess the candidates ability to perform necessary and critical job-related tasks and functions.

Step Seven

Those who successfully complete the previous steps in the process will be invited to participate in a final interview. Upon favorable completion of the interview, a contingent offer of employment may be provided to the candidate.


Candidates may be required to undergo various testing including: Medical, Substance/Drug, Psychological, Vision, Hearing, and other exams as required.

Additional Information
& Employment F.A.Q.

Candidate Qualities

The core mission of TSE is to deliver solutions to mitigate and prevent loss of life and property, and enrich the lives of others as professionals and leaders. In doing so, we deliver unmatched mission critical services to various public and private sector partners. TSE employees and contractors must demonstrate the highest level of integrity and professionalism, as well as the ability to exercise sound judgement and common sense. It is vital to have a foundational knowledge of criminal justice and public safety, as well as being self motivated, and team oriented.

Knowledge & Education

Many jobs which are considered positions of public trust, and those encompassing law enforcement, criminal justice, and public safety, have a high value placed on education. For college education, an associates degree is a good start. The choice of a major is not nearly as important as the college experience itself. TSE, along with many other organizations consider relevant employment experience, including military service; an acceptable substitution for higher education.

Employment History

Having a good reputation as a reliable employee is critically important. An indication of future performance is based on past actions. Having good references from current and former employers is very important. Having employment where one works directly with the public, utilizing critical thinking, interpersonal communication, and problem solving skills are of high value.

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is an ongoing requirement of any organization engaged in maintaining peace and order. Police, public safety, protective services, probation, parole, and others all require their employees to be in good physical condition. It’s not only a matter of safety for you, your team, the public, and others; but it may very well be the difference between life and death.

Personal Character

Having good character means more than doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. Take a moment and understand that any poor decisions you make, especially as an adult, can jeopardize many aspects of your future – including employment opportunities. No one is perfect, however abuse of drugs or alcohol, poor judgement, theft, and dishonesty could end your future career before you even get to start it.

Relevant Experience

Make an continuing effort to gain insights and knowledge relating to criminal justice, law enforcement, and public safety. Some make the choice to attend an accredited police academy to strengthen their chances of being hired. Others may apply to volunteer or part time positions such as a community service officer, police aide, and similar. The one thing these all have in common: they provide some amount of exposure and experience.

Prerequisite Training

The P.O.S.T. Basic Certificate is the first level of professional police/peace officer training certificates. This is a requirement for many positions with TSE. P.O.S.T. may vary in some states (e.g. in PA basic law enforcement training is under MPOETC, and in OH it is under OPOTA.) In addition to the state/POST Certification, TSE may also honor PSO, MP, FLETC, DPS, P&P, DOC, Sheriff, and SPO training academy/program certifications from recognized and accredited institutions on a case-by-case basis.

New Hire Training

As a new hire, you will need to meet additional required training, which may range from 0 to 980 hours or more. After completion of the required training, new hires begin professional development training, which may range from 200 to 1000 hours or more. Continuing education hours are required annually, as well as annual and semi-annual recertification on numerous subjects.

Professional Development

Depending on the role and tasks to be undertaken by employees, a variety of professional development programs and modules are available. Areas of study and certification include criminal justice, community oriented policing, hazardous materials, terrorism-based, weapons of mass destruction, emergency management, evacuation planning and coordination, criminal and death investigations, background and civil investigations, radiological emergency incident response and management, and many others.

No Entry-Level Positions

Due to the various and rigid requirements of the Agency and of its partners; TSE does not have nor offer entry-level positions of any type. We may, from time to time, have internships available, however these are not employment nor performance-based positions having the same experience requirements. Internships have an extensively regulated scope of duties and tasks, and interns do not assume any regulated task or function of any employee position.

Competitive Pay

Accounting for all Agency positions, our average wages are significantly above regional and national averages. The average wage paid to Agency employees and contractors (2017 - 2021) was $46.71 per hour.

Opportunity To Advance

We encourage the advancement of our employees and contractors, and provide support for any representative desiring to advance their career, training, skills, and increase their wages. Ample opportunity also exists to earn bonuses and special pay.

Common Disqualifications

Substance Abuse

♦ Use of marijuana, hashish, or cocaine
♦ Use of LSD, heroin, barbiturates, or amphetamines
♦ Sale of marijuana, drugs, or narcotics
♦ Abuse of pharmaceutical drugs
♦ Knowingly remaining in place where narcotics were used
♦ Use of non-prescription steroids within the last 12 months


♦ Withholding information during interview
♦ Withholding information from investigators
♦ Admissions to conduct unacceptable
♦ Falsification or omission of information
♦ False information or statements
♦ Dishonesty during the background investigation

Driving History

♦ Unable to obtain a valid driver's license
♦ Unable to obtain motor vehicle insurance
♦ DUI convictions (per regulation)
♦ History of ongoing or repeated dangerous or reckless driving
♦ Negligent or reckless operation resulting in a collision and death of any person involved
♦ Conviction of four or more moving violations within the last seven years
♦ Revocation or suspension of driver's license privileges within the past seven years
♦ At fault for three accidents within the last seven years

Criminal History

♦ Any felony conviction
♦ Any domestic violence conviction
♦ On probation, parole, or alternative sentencing
♦ Under indictment, a wanted person, or a fugitive from justice
♦ Conviction of any crime involving: moral turpitude, violence, theft, drugs, data or electronic devices or access, or cybercrimes
♦ Person prohibited from possessing a firearm
♦ Theft from an employer as an adult
♦ Any act for which criminal prosecution would have resulted had the incident been reported


♦ Not a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident
♦ Inability to effectively communicate as required
♦ Unfavorable history (discipline, firing, attendance issues, etc.)
♦ Signs of immaturity or underdevelopment
♦ Unable to perform required functions and job duties


This list and the information herein is not all inclusive. Other information or facts revealed or uncovered during the interview process, during the background investigation, or as provided by an applicant verbally or in writing may also be sufficient to disqualify an applicant.

Current Opportunities

There are no vacancies at this time.