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Google Removed About 50% of Our Reviews & Feedback. We Don’t Know Why.

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For better or worse, nearly all organizations, businesses, and individuals rely heavily on many of the services and information provided by Google for their daily decisions. Curiously, we recently discovered that Google removed nearly half of our Google reviews and feedback.

This is an informal public service announcement regarding the sudden deletion of dozens of our Google reviews. Over the last few days, the digital and media team at TSE noticed something interesting: around half of our Google reviews and feedback had simply disappeared. This included reviews and feedback from clients, partners, the public, and the community at large going back several years; and impacted every TSE office and RSA which is listed on Google.

Some of the removed content was years old, or just a couple of months old. Interestingly, based on Google’s own policies, there were no grounds for removal, much less for practically half of all the feedback on their platform. While we are unable to ascertain why this occurred, we have no reason to believe this was limited only to TSE – and that other organizations and businesses were likely impacted (we believe this was some sort of algorithm update – which Google is infamous for). 

Regardless, we apologize for so much of the public feedback provided via Google suddenly vanishing for seemingly no reason. We understand that feedback plays a major role in decision-making, and we hope to not be arbitrarily targeted in this manner ever again.

Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority is a multistate organization that supplies mission-critical public safety services, special police services, advanced protective security and armed guard services, court and judicial services, and related law enforcement and emergency services; for and on behalf of public, private, and government sector markets through cooperative and service contract agreements.

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