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Do you require a premium and comprehensive solution for your physical safety and security, community policing, or public safety needs? TSE has the solutions you’ve been searching for. Your organization can enjoy the benefits of our worry-free, top-rated professional solutions, which can’t be matched by anyone.

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Ready For Anything; The TSE All-Hazards Approach

TSE’s All-Hazards Approach ℠ is made possible by world-class training, the latest in technology, and the best equipment available; enabling Officers to be prepared for any threat, incident, or event. This exclusive approach is found at TSE, resulting in unmatched capabilities and service.

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Are you ready to thoroughly protect your human and physical assets, using turn-key solutions provided by a unique and powerful partner? Do you have questions about any of our expert services and solutions? Contact TSE Communications and Operations any time, 24/7/365.

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Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority

TSE – Tri State Enforcement is the Mid-Atlantic Region’s preferred regional partner for Contract Policing, Public Safety, and Specialized Security needs; committed to providing an unparalleled level of service and proven results. Operating in five geographically distinct tri-state regions consisting of ten states across the Mid-Atlantic, TSE humbly serves a broad collective of distinguished partners and clients comprised of education, government, healthcare, infrastructure, nonprofit, private, public, residential, and utility organizations.

TSE is a leader in the delivery of trusted, long-term, innovative solutions for policing, safety, and security requirements; and TSE is capable of accommodating organizations needing community-oriented policing, crime and violence suppression, early intervention, and crime prevention solutions. Learn More

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“We will maintain peace and order, enforce law and regulation, and safeguard life and property against criminal and terroristic acts.”

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TSE serves five geographic Tri-State regions across the Mid-Atlantic, incorporating ten states.
TSE maintains 100,000+ square miles of available jurisdiction, and has safeguarded $45B+ in assets.
Since formation in 2009, TSE has operated without a single loss, claim, sanction, litigation, or suit.