Special Alert

Illegitimate and Scam Emails

By May 14, 2019 September 1st, 2019 No Comments

Updated 05/16/2019


TSE has been made aware by numerous organizations and individuals who have received emails, purportedly sent by members of this organization. These emails however, are illegitimate and contained malicious links. TSE has conducted an investigation, and it appears this occurred due to a partial security breach of the email service provider (ESP.) This security breach effected several other organizations, in addition to TSE. This breach impacted only the TSEonline.us email server, and NOT any of the TSEonline.org servers. TSE and our ESP partners worked to secure the servers within two hours of the initial notification, and effective immediately, TSE is discontinuing the use of the ESP and TSEonline.us servers due to this incident.  If you have received a suspicious email, a generic email containing a link, or an email which contains no signature, please notify TSE by phone at 1-877-299-7710, and delete the email from your system immediately.