K9 Officer Jackson

TSE Internal News
October 22, 2019

TSE is Proud to Welcome Our Newest Member: K9 "Jackson" | TSE News

TSE is proud to announce the newest member of our Agency, K9 “Jackson”! Jackson is a seven-month old English Bulldog, and is arguably the cutest member of our agency.

Jackson marks the establishment of TSE’s first K9 Unit. He is currently in training for the following two subjects:

  • Emotional Support
  • Critical Stress Management, and
  • Explosives Detection (Jackson is trying his best)

Jackson will be working soon to both bring smiles, and hopefully sniff out potential bombs and explosive devices. While in his initial training, Jackson will likely be in rotation with TSE Officers who are familiar with, or certified as K9 handlers. TSE plans on keeping everyone up to date with Jackson on our Instagram, and under #K9Jackson. We’re pretty sure Jackson is one of the few (if not the only) working K9 that is an English Bulldog! Subscribe and follow our social media channels for more of #K9Jackson!

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