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Substantially more than a security guard company, TSE Altoona is the region’s premier supplier of advanced and mission-critical public safety and security solutions; defending, protecting, and safeguarding life and property throughout the cities of Altoona, Bedford, Johnstown, and Tyrone, PA. TSE Altoona is part of the Agency’s District II Command.

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TSE - Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority

RSA: Altoona, PA

TSE Altoona is the Southern Allegheny Region’s premier supplier of specialized and mission-critical public safety and protective security solutions.

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TSE - Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority
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Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority employs only the most educated, talented, and qualified law enforcement, public safety, and criminal justice practitioners in the greater Altoona-Johnstown area. 

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The capabilities of this Agency combined with extensively trained and state certified officers, ensure professional practitioners who are well trained, highly competent, and fully equipped to handle a dynamic range of routine, critical, and emergency issues. This far exceeds the capabilities of any other security guard company or private detective agency in the Altoona, PA area.

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Altoona, PA Current Conditions
Altoona, Pennsylvania, located in Blair County, is a medium-sized city in the Southern Alleghenies region. The population of Altoona is approximately 127,000, and is home to the Altoona Curve Minor League Baseball team. Situated alongside Interstate 99 & US Route 220, Altoona is approximately 100 miles east of Pittsburgh, and approximately 100 miles west of Harrisburg.
Altoona has a deep and rich history involving the railroad, being founded by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1849, later becoming an official municipality in 1854. Throughout is early days and much of the late 19th century, the city primarily catered to the rail industry, having massive growth due to railroad needs during the Civil War. Today, Altoona is called home by corporations such as Sheetz, Boyer, and others; hosts a Penn State University campus, and offers a variety of outdoor attractions.

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