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TSE Lancaster, part of the Second District Command, delivers mission-critical policing and security services, safeguarding life and property across the Lancaster, Lebanon, and Berks/Reading areas. TSE Lancaster is staffed by some of the most educated, talented, and qualified law enforcement, public safety, and criminal justice practitioners in the nation. TSE Officers who are trained and equipped to handle a dynamic range of critical and emerging issues; far exceeding the capabilities of security guard companies and private detective agencies.

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TSE is the most unique and qualified Agency in the region? The solutions TSE delivers by way of trained and certified officers can’t be matched by anyone else. Contact us, and experience the TSE difference.

Lancaster Security, Policing & Public Safety

TSE delivers proven and reliable services to agency partners and clients who require a superior option. TSE Officers deliver real and measurable solutions, far superior when compared to security guard companies.
TSE was founded specifically to meet the demand for a better alternative; delivering worry-free, quantifiable solutions to satisfied organizations every day. TSE Lancaster delivers top-rated physical safety and security solutions across Berks, Chester, and Lancaster Counties.
TSE doesn’t employ security guards, and our Agency is far more progressive than a cut-rate security company. We deliver unique solutions for each partner and client because no two needs are the same; evolving with time, because today’s strategies are often ineffective tomorrow.
The capabilities of TSE officers are expansive, enabling personnel to do what no other security guard company or detective agency can. Our officers are meticulously trained and equipped and deliver on TSE’s commitment to excellence and achieve positive impact.


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