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Tri State Enforcement handles public safety duties at our complex, and exceeds every expectation we have.

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TSE Martinsburg is part of the Second District Command, delivering mission-critical contracted policing and security solutions to safeguard life and property throughout the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.

The agency is staffed by only the most educated, talented, and qualified law enforcement, public safety, and criminal justice practitioners in the region. The combination of personnel and Agency capabilities result in TSE Officers who are trained and equipped to handle a dynamic range of critical and emergency issues; far exceeding the capabilities of other security guard companies and private detective agencies in the greater Martinsburg area.

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About: Martinsburg, WV

Martinsburg, WV Current Conditions

Martinsburg, West Virginia is a smaller-sized city in Berkeley County, WV. The city is situated in the state’s Eastern Panhandle, in the lower Shenandoah Valley. Martinsburg’s population is around 17,000, making it the largest city in the Eastern Panhandle and the eighth-largest in the state, and is part of the Hagerstown-Martinsburg Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Martinsburg came into existence by an act of the Virginia General Assembly in winter of 1778, during America’s Revolutionary War. The city was named in honor of Colonel Thomas Bryan Martin, nephew of Lord Thomas Fairfax of Cameron. The first United States post office in what is now West Virginia was erected in Martinsburg in 1792, at which time the city was still part of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad reached Martinsburg fifty years later, in 1842.

TSE Martinsburg: Primary Services & Information

TSE Martinsburg delivers comprehensive protective, defensive, and security services. With a staff of talented, extensively trained and POST certified officers; personnel deliver proven solutions incorporating TSE’s proprietary All-Hazards Approach ℠. By outfitting personnel with the best available equipment and technology, TSE officers deliver unmatched protective security solutions.

The finely-tuned services performed by officers are top-rated, worry-free, and second to none. TSE stands in a class all it’s own, magnitudes beyond the typical security guard companies in Martinsburg, WV; delivering the very best in contracted protective services, defensive services, and security solutions. See also:  →  Public Safety Services

TSE provides and delivers these services to, for, or on behalf of numerous types of organizations. Common inquiries seen and received by TSE Martinsburg, WV include:

TSE officers perform far more than typical security and protective duties. Under TSE’s proprietary All-Hazards Approach ℠, officers are extensively trained, certified, and equipped to handle an incredibly wide range of hazards, threats, and situations. Personnel handle matters such as evacuations, medical emergencies, missing persons, crime scene management, unattended packages and suspicious devices, firefighting, rescue, and much more.

The sum of this approach results in personnel who are trained, certified, and equipped to handle the widest range of possibilities with skill and competence. Accordingly, TSE officers are the best alternative to contracted off duty municipal police officers and security guards in the Martinsburg area.  → Learn More

All TSE personnel are required by policy or law to maintain a minimum level of competency, which includes a variety of state and/or federal requirements for any TSE officer working within the confines of the state. All TSE officers are POST certified, and the agency is authorized by law and appointment to enter into special partnerships with nonprofit, municipal, and governmental organizations to deliver special policing services on their behalf.

This capability presents a unique opportunity for organizations interested in the advancing, increasing, offsetting, or otherwise augmenting their capabilities as it would relate to safety, security, and police services. Key benefits of these partnerships with TSE include an all-encompassing approach, fiscal responsibility, scalability, and the assignability and assumption of liabilities by TSE. This Agency is authorized by statute to perform these and other related functions and services by the State of West Virginia: WV OASIS ID: VS0000004705

TSE’s Patrol Division performs mobile patrol services, where officers perform public safety, policing, and protective security functions for and on behalf of organizations of all types. These professional mobile security and public safety solutions are a cost effective option for organizations in the Martinsburg area having a limited budget, who still wish to retain a professional and quantifiable protective security service partnership.

Mobile patrol services by TSE are an affordable, flexible, and highly capable solution; delivered by the region’s leader in contracted security, public safety, and policing services. Patrol officers meet the same standards, qualifications, training, and deliver TSE’s Proprietary All-Hazards Approach℠; with patrol personnel obtaining additional training and certifications which are applicable specifically to patrol operations.   →  Learn More

Going back to the mid 1900’s, peacekeeping has been proven to be one of the most effective solutions to prevent and mitigate conflict, crime, and terror. There are many areas of work that maintain peace, reduce violence and help create peaceful progress. Today, peacekeeping services are frequently sought after for hostile employee terminations, domestic violence standby’s, exchange of property, child custody exchanges, gang violence prevention and intervention, nonviolent conflict resolution and mediation, and more.

Having a vetted, authorized, well trained, and highly qualified third party, who can ensure and maintain peace between opposing parties, cannot be undervalued. TSE officers often perform peacekeeping functions for parties who are, were, or could become adversarial. In some cases, parties have court orders in place, which must be adhered to and followed – which can be handled and satisfied by officers performing peacekeeping tasks. In the event that keeping the peace becomes impossible, TSE officers can take a variety of actions to either regain compliance, or facilitate civil or criminal remedies against any party refusing to cooperate.

In addition to the former examples, peacekeeping has many more functions today, which support order and tranquility within our communities. Tasks are frequently undertaken to maintain peace and security, maintain or restore the rule of law, ensure fair political processes and elections, and protecting the rights of at-risk segments of our society. These proven solutions are performed on a local scale, in coordination with municipalities, housing and educational organizations, and nonprofits throughout the Martinsburg area.

TSE’s Proprietary All-Hazards Approach ℠

A One-Of-A-Kind Approach to Safety and Security, found only at TSE

Ensuring People, Communities, and Assets are Safe, Secure, and Better Protected


TSE Officers are successful graduates of POST approved law enforcement academy training; and join our agency with prior experience. Far beyond the capabilities security guards; this allows TSE personnel to actively enforce laws, rules, and regulations.


All TSE Officers are trained in basic firefighting and rescue; enabling personnel perform immediate rescue and fight incipient fires. Personnel are also certified in evacuation coordination; facilitating immediate and effective ad-hoc evacuation routes / techniques.


TSE Officers are certified in a variety of hazardous materials; to include ID, response, containment, and more. Officers can handle suspected and actual instances of hazardous materials incidents, bomb threats, radiological and biological threats, and more.


TSE Officers are certified in advanced first aid, CPR, AED, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, and opiate overdose care. Personnel and patrol cars are equipped with emergency medical kits; allow officers to quickly stabilize a variety of life threatening conditions.

Learn more about TSE, and see how we compare to other organizations and firms in the Martinsburg area; and see the benefits of TSE’s exclusive All Hazards Approach ℠

TSE provided and delivers consistent, reliable, and responsive public safety and protective security services to agency partners and clients throughout the Martinsburg area. Contact TSE today to learn more about the unmatched security services and policing solutions we deliver every day throughout the Eastern Panhandle region, far more capable than traditional security guard companies.

TSE was founded to meet the growing demand for a professional security organization, staffed by certified and professional officers; to deliver authentic and quantifiable results. TSE Martinsburg engages in the protection of life and property across Berkeley, Hampshire, Jefferson, and Morgan counties. Since 2009, TSE has been the preferred choice of public, private, and governmental entities requiring a comprehensive partner for their needs.

Employing only credentialed law enforcement and criminal justice practitioners, TSE sharply contrasts an ever-growing market rife with second-rate security guard companies. Solutions delivered by TSE to partners and clients are unique to each organization and situation and foster authentic and lasting results. The capabilities of TSE officers are expansive, enabling personnel to do what no other security guard company or private detective agency can. Officers are meticulously trained and equipped, and deliver on TSE’s commitment to excellence and generating positive impact. → Learn More


TSE – Tri State Enforcement

Recent Feedback: TSE Martinsburg

Didn't know that they existed until I was tired of finding a better security company to bring in. Their approach to public safety and all hazards was very attractive and proved to be invaluable.
Maria Samantha
18:59 08 Mar 21
These are seriously great officers. Very intelligent, uniforms are very neat and clean, these guys are just really polished and professional. I have no doubt they can handle just about anything.
Cynthia Pierce
17:38 04 Mar 21
The officers seem nice and everything, Nothing has happened since they've been around, They really are as good as they seem.
Nikita Ravenscroft
21:47 02 Mar 21
Didn't know they existed until I was trying to find a better security company to bring in. Their public safety and all hazards approach was very appealing, and has proven to be invaluable.
Johnny Frank
07:08 03 Feb 21
These are seriously great officers. Very intelligent, uniforms are very neat and clean, these guys are just really polished and professional. I have no doubt they can handle just about anything. The way things are going, I really can't comprehend why anyone would want security guards that are untrained and are paid minimum wage.
Ethel Frazier
12:07 02 Feb 21
Fantastic organization that really came through for us when we were in a bind. Best security service in the Charlestown area hands down.
Rose Mcghee
11:18 28 Oct 20
Last month work went from having G4S Security to TSE. Night and day difference.
Tracey Ross
07:39 06 Oct 20
Don’t really like the police (or security or whatever). Badge always goes to their head. Now, was I out of line, yea. Did I get stopped, yep. Were my rights violated, no. This was the first time any officer treated me with complete respect, explained everything to me, and did not violate my rights. I still don't like them, but they have my respect for treating me the way they did.
Donald Hubbs
08:01 17 Sep 20
Seeing them more often in Kearneysville (I'm guessing they're doing state or federal work). They're always really nice and present themselves very well.
Julia Moore
10:41 01 Sep 20
Tri State Enforcement handles public safety duties at our complex, and exceeds every expectation we have These officers are seriously the best in the business,
Elliot Clarke
00:44 02 Dec 19
These guards are top-notch. They are at the top of their game and made everyone feel safe. Thank you, TSE for all your hard work!
scott stewart
07:27 28 Nov 19
Great responsiveness and a professional demeanor. The guards were on time and on point.
James Phillips
05:04 06 Oct 19
Phenomenal experience. I'll be using TSE again.
Irma Day
03:14 05 Oct 19
Thank you TSE for providing stellar private security services in Martinsburg, WV. You're the best around!
Linda Nelson
06:38 01 Oct 19
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