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TSE McLean - Fairfax, VA

TSE McLean, slated to be part of TSE’s newest Fifth District Command, will partner to provide top-rated public safety and protective security solutions; safeguarding life and property throughout the greater Northern Virginia metro area. Since 2009 TSE has partnered to provide solutions delivered by educated, professional, and well-equipped law enforcement and criminal justice practitioners. TSE brings a unique combination of expert personnel and extensive agency capabilities, resulting in TSE delivering unmatched mission critical solutions; mitigating a range of routine and emergency issues; exceeding the capabilities and level of service available with traditional security guard companies.

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Please note: we anticipate our NoVA area expansion to be completed and services commence Quarter Two, 2020.
We are currently accepting inquiries from organizations who are interested in a TSE service partnership.
We can accept only a small number of new partners and clients during this initial expansion phase.
TSE Does Not Employ Nor Provide Traditional Unarmed Security Guards.

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