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TSE Morgantown, part of the Third District Command, delivers contracted public safety and security solutions – safeguarding life and property across the Northern West Virginia region. Staffed by officers who are among the most educated and talented public safety and criminal justice practitioners in the region; TSE officers are equipped to handle a wide variety of emergency situations and critical issues, greatly exceeding the capabilities of security guards and local off duty officers.

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– TSE is the most unique and qualified Agency in the region? The solutions we deliver by way of trained and certified officers can’t be matched by anyone else. Contact us, and experience the TSE difference.

Morgantown Security, Policing & Public Safety

TSE delivers responsive, reliable, and proven solutions to partners and clients across the greater Morgantown area. Contact TSE today to learn more about the unmatched services provided every day throughout the Northern West Virginia region, far more professional and capable than traditional security guard companies. TSE was founded to meet the growing need for a professional organization, staffed by certified and professional officers; to deliver proven, worry-free, and quantifiable solutions. TSE Morgantown delivers solutions that protect life and property; TSE is the preferred partner of distinguished public, private, and governmental entities seeking a comprehensive partner for their safety and security requirements.

Employing only the most talented and qualified public safety and criminal justice professionals, TSE is vastly superior in every way to an ever-growing number of cheap and unprofessional security guard companies. Solutions delivered by TSE to partners and clients are unique to each organization and situation, fostering proven and lasting results. TSE officers are meticulously trained and equipped, maintain unrivaled capabilities, and are committed to excellence and generating positive impact.

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