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Substantially more than a security guard company, TSE Pittsburgh is the metro area’s premier supplier of advanced and mission-critical public safety and security solutions; defending, protecting, and safeguarding life and property throughout the areas of Bethel Park, Butler, Cranberry, Greensburg, Latrobe, Monroeville, Moon, Washington, and Pittsburgh, PA. TSE Pittsburgh is part of the Agency’s District Ⅲ Command.

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TSE - Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority

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TSE Pittsburgh is the metro area’s premier supplier of specialized and mission-critical public safety and protective security solutions.

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Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority employs only the most educated, talented, and qualified law enforcement, public safety, and criminal justice practitioners in the greater Pittsburgh area. 

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The capabilities of this Agency combined with extensively trained and state certified officers, ensure professional practitioners who are well trained, highly competent, and fully equipped to handle a dynamic range of routine, critical, and emergency issues. This far exceeds the capabilities of any other security guard company or private detective agency in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

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Pittsburgh, PA Current Conditions
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, located in Allegheny County, is a large metropolitan city located in western Pennsylvania. The population of Pittsburgh city is approximately 300,000, while the metro area maintains a population of approximately 2.3 million. Situated near Interstates 70, 76, 79, and 80; US Routes 119, 22, and 30; and the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio rivers, the city’s position is superior as it relates to transportation. Pittsburgh is approximately 130 miles southeast of Cleveland, OH, and approximately 200 miles west of Harrisburg, PA.
Pittsburgh is the second largest city in Pennsylvania, and the 27th largest in the nation. Pittsburgh is known as both the City of Bridges (having 446 bridges), and the Steel City (for having more than 300 steel businesses). Visually, Pittsburgh is comprised two inclined railways, 30 skyscrapers, and a pre-revolutionary fortification and the Point State Park located at the confluence of the three rivers. The city developed as a vital link of the Atlantic coast and Midwest, and has led in the manufacturing of aluminum, automotive, electronics, glass, shipbuilding, and petroleum.

Security and Guard Services
in Pittsburgh, PA

Our extensively trained, certified, and experienced security forces personnel deliver the unmatched protective security services and solutions that businesses, corporations, and other organizations want; yet oftentimes can’t easily find. Through the professional solutions provided by TSE, there’s no need to settle for less and risk more.

TSE has a proven track record of success and exceeding partner and client satisfaction. Having protected an estimated $52B in assets, property, and holdings since the formation of the Agency in 2009; TSE nor any of it’s clients or partners has ever experienced any loss or incident. TSE is proud to be the highest-rated security-based services provider in the greater Pittsburgh region.


Pittsburgh Special
Event Services

Special Event Security Services
in Pittsburgh, PA

TSE is proud to deliver comprehensive event security and safety solutions for and on behalf of those organizing and hosting special events and venues. TSE personnel deliver unrivaled security services and public safety solutions for community events, fairs, festivals, sporting venues, and more.
Special venue and event security can be inclusive of a wide range of specific needs, requirements, and specifications that are unique to each event type and location. Regardless of your event type or location, the event security services provided by TSE comprehensively and effectively address a dynamic range of common and uncommon needs and concerns.

Detective Agency
in Pittsburgh, PA

For matters requiring a comprehensive, thorough, and capable investigative team; the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) at Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority is a talented and effective resource available to assist.
The SIU provides contracted investigative resources, special investigators, contract and private detectives to all levels of government, business, corporate, judicial, and private citizens. Clients receive unmatched dedication, capability, and resolve; enjoying a higher quality of professional service that is increasingly rare in today’s market.


Pittsburgh Personal
Security Services

Bodyguards & Personal Security
in Pittsburgh, PA

For private citizens of all walks of life having the need for a personal security detail, security escort, or similar protective service function; TSE delivers quality, comprehensive, and highly responsive personal security solutions designed to keep individuals and families safe from known and suspected threats. From weddings to funerals, needs created from legal matters and disputes, rapid gains in finance, threats, extortion, and other situations; TSE has successfully navigated every situation facing our clients.

For diplomats, elected officials, executives, public figures, and other high-profile individuals; TSE delivers comprehensive and custom-tailored threat mitigation and security-based solutions designed to address likely, potential, and unlikely threats.

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