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TSE District Of Columbia

TSE Washington DC, slated to be part of TSE’s newest Fifth District Command, will deliver contracted public safety, policing, and specialized force protection services; to protect and safeguard life and property throughout the greater National Capitol region. Since 2009, TSE has been staffed by the most educated, professional, and well-equipped law enforcement practitioners seen anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic region. TSE brings a unique combination of expert personnel and extensive agency capabilities; which result in TSE Officers delivering unmatched, mission critical solutions; responding to and handling a dynamic range of critical and emergency issues; far exceeding the capabilities of any security guard company or private police organization seen in the DC metro area.

Washington DC Security, Police,

and Public Safety Solutions

Interested In TSE Solutions?

Please note: TSE anticipates the DC expansion to be completed and services commence Quarter Two, 2020.
We are currently accepting inquiries from perspective DC partners and clients interested in TSE services.
We can accept a limited number of new / perspective partners and clients during this initial expansion phase.

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