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TSE York, under the Second District Command, delivers mission-critical policing and security services, safeguarding life and property across the York County area. Employing only highly skilled and educated law enforcement and criminal justice practitioners; TSE Officers are trained and equipped to manage a broad scope of dangerous and emergency situations. Services delivered by TSE greatly exceed the capabilities of any security guard company or private detective firm.

York Security, Policing & Public Safety

TSE delivers consistent, reliable, and responsive solutions to agency partners and clients across the York area. Contact TSE today to learn more about the unmatched security services and public safety solutions we deliver every day throughout the south-central region, far more capable than traditional security guard companies. This Agency was founded to meet the growing demand for a professional organization, staffed by certified and professional officers; to deliver authentic and quantifiable results. Since 2009, TSE has been the preferred choice of public, private, and governmental entities requiring a comprehensive partner for their needs.

Employing only credentialed law enforcement and criminal justice practitioners, TSE sharply contrasts an ever-growing market rife with second-rate security guard companies. Solutions delivered by TSE to partners and clients are unique to each organization and situation and foster authentic and lasting results. The capabilities of agency personnel are expansive, enabling TSE officers to do what no other security guard company or detective agency can; delivering on TSE’s commitment to excellence and generating positive impact.


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– TSE is the most unique and well qualified Agency in the region? Top-rated services, expert practitioners, and the latest in training, equipment, and technology – all contribute to TSE being the region’s contract service leader. Contact us today, and experience a level of professionalism which can’t be matched by anyone.

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