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TSE York, PA

TSE York, under the Second District Command, delivers mission-critical policing and security services, safeguarding life and property across the York County area. Employing only highly skilled and educated law enforcement and criminal justice practitioners; TSE Officers are trained and equipped to manage a broad scope of dangerous and emergency situations. Services delivered by TSE greatly exceed the capabilities of any security guard company or private detective firm.

York Security, Policing & Public Safety

TSE delivers consistent, reliable, and responsive solutions to agency partners and clients across the York area. Contact TSE today to learn more about the unmatched security services and public safety solutions we deliver every day throughout the south-central region, far more capable than traditional security guard companies. This Agency was founded to meet the growing demand for a professional organization, staffed by certified and professional officers; to deliver authentic and quantifiable results. Since 2009, TSE has been the preferred choice of public, private, and governmental entities requiring a comprehensive partner for their needs.

Employing only credentialed law enforcement and criminal justice practitioners, TSE sharply contrasts an ever-growing market rife with second-rate security guard companies. Solutions delivered by TSE to partners and clients are unique to each organization and situation and foster authentic and lasting results. The capabilities of agency personnel are expansive, enabling TSE officers to do what no other security guard company or detective agency can; delivering on TSE’s commitment to excellence and generating positive impact.

TSE Officer Securing Dangerous Cargo

York Area Workload

  • 10%

    Policing Services

  • 20%

    Public Safety Services

  • 30%

    Security Services

  • 30%

    Judicial Services

  • 10%

    Investigative Services

Did you know – TSE is the most unique and well qualified Agency in the region? Top-rated services, expert practitioners, and the latest in training, equipment, and technology – all contribute to TSE being the region’s contract service leader. Contact us today, and experience a level of professionalism which can’t be matched by anyone.

Local Partner Highlights

TSE is a wonderful organization. I am grateful to have as a part of my work day. Its impossible to articulate how much it means for me to feel safe at my job. Thank you TSE for providing me and my fellow staff with peace of mind every day.
Alana Rinehart
16:22 15 Feb 19
TSE Is hands down the most professional public saftey agency I've work hand and hand with. The officer I deal with on a daily basis always makes me feel safe and secure. He is a great source of knowledge, and great guy to have watching your back. The security of our building is Paramount and our officer dose an amazing job at maintaining that Thanks for everything you do!
Richard Graham
20:25 05 Feb 19
The TSC Officer who works at my place of employment has shown time and time again, extreme professionalism when it comes to handling any problematic situations that arrive at the store. Me and the rest of the staff feel absolutely safe when the Officer is around.
TheBoy Wonder
21:02 03 Feb 19
This organization is better than any security company I've worked along side with. To say that I feel safe, secure and have no worries doesn't do TSE justice. I and the staff, visitors and patients trust these officers with our lives, safety, and welfare every day. It's my hope that TSE will continue to be a permanent and ongoing asset at our facility for the conceivable future.
Julie Giordano
21:36 21 Dec 18
We were so thankful to find Tri State Enforcement for our event. They came through and made sure everyone could have a wonderful time.
Giang Nguyen Huy
05:59 21 May 19
TSE are true professionals. They know their stuff and make you feel safe.
Quy Ha
05:44 21 May 19


Recent Feedback

Some of the most professional individuals I have ever met. They exceeded every expectation. They would be the first company I would contact if the need ever arose again. Well worth every penny! Highly recommended! Thank you for everything you did.
Jason Stockslager
12:01 15 May 18
They are a great asset to our business! Super friendly, while making sure we are safe and secure.
Carrie Baker
17:10 09 Jul 18
Late afternoon Friday March 9, 2018, my vehicle broke down on N. Cameron St. Harrisburg, PA. Due to an officer of TSE District II Harrisburg, PA., assistance, effort and time. I was able to get myself and disabled vehicle successfully to and in a reasonable amount of time, home to Chambersburg, PA. This officer’s action is a reflection of a very superior organization. Thank you.
steve reed
20:47 22 Mar 18
Most professional security service around. Great communication, very understanding, trustworthy, flexible, and more importantly dependable. TSE is highly recommended and I encourage all to try them out for your next security service.
Jose Rios
00:16 14 Feb 18
Very impressed. Excellent service. Total professional. Highly recommend
Valerie Kean Staab
05:19 14 Feb 18
TSE is a great agency and we love having them at our shop. They are very professional and always take their job seriously but also know how to relate and assist us with other various task or even help patients when they have questions or concerns about the laws and regulations. We feel very safe knowing we have them as our officers in case of an emergency or in the event of a threat. We have already had a couple of incidents where they were able to tell what had happened when we had some suspicious activity, as well as stop a few suspicious people from entering or coming back to our shop. It has been a pleasure having TSE as our officers and look forward to the continuing great work they do and provide us on a daily basis!
Tommy Trout
18:17 30 Nov 18
Fantastic. Great folks and great attention to detail. I can honestly say the whole staff and myself feel better knowing we can depend on these officers. Great with any issues and incredible with non staff members. Any place that needs security could only benefit from this company. Quality people.
Chace Chavez
01:52 09 Nov 18
I've never felt safer than when I've had a TSE officer on duty at my place of business! Very professional, and take their job seriously. Would recommend to everyone.
Carrie Lester
16:38 27 Nov 18
The most professional group of individuals around. They take great care in their job. They are also willing to go above and beyond to help us take the best care of our patients.
S Trimmer
15:03 25 Sep 18
Since we received a security guard assigned to our pharmacy our feelings of being safe have increased dramatically. Our customers are generally a lot nicer and we all feel very safe. Before we had a guard I had difficulties focussing on my work due to the fact that I was constantly surveying the area and preparing for the worst. I highly recommend this company as their officers are highly trained and professional. Satisfaction guaranteed.
16:30 15 Feb 19
The officers presence in the pharmacy certainly has helped my anxiety. I am able to focus on my tasks and not worry if we are being robbed. Our customers have also taken a liking to him.
Jennifer Brandt
01:01 19 Feb 19
Very professional, I feel much safer now with the officer on site. Having someone here to protect us in the case of an emergency really sets my mind at ease
Princess ChodFather
23:45 02 Apr 19
We have recently had a lot of armed robberies in our store. Our owners have had two of the officer's in our stores for the last couple of months. It is reassuring to have them in the stores keeping us safe. They are also very friendly with the customers. As we are a local owned small business that's huge in our community!
CORI Kepner
16:11 17 Apr 19
I have had the pleasure to work with TSE for one year. TSE is always pleasant and helpful with MMJ patients and employees. In my 22+ years of Retail Pharmacy experience, TSE is the most Professional Security company when compared to their competitors. I feel that the MMJ patients' and employees' safety is of the utmost importance to these professionals.
Albert Kinsky
21:04 30 Apr 19
TSE provided security for Hangar Jam Live at the Capital City Airport. They were professional, courteous and everything I expected from their services. Not only did we enjoy having TSE staff at the event but they also helped guide us along the way to ensure proper security. They went above and beyond and I will certainly be using them again. Cheers!
Bartley Kaminski
13:37 22 May 19
The most professional group of individuals around. They take great care in their job. They are also willing to go above and beyond to help us take the best care of our patients.My TSE Officer was exemplary. I have never felt more safe at my job. My TSE Officer was able to make my patients feel safe as well. I could go on endlessly about the fantastic job that was done day in and day out.
S Trimmer
23:36 29 May 19
I've worked with TSE for the past year in the PA MMJ Industry and without any doubt at all, my TSE Officer (as well as other officers that worked with us) were ALWAYS top notch, professional and 150% on top of everything. We felt much safer knowing our TSE Officer was always watching over us and the patients from our dispensary. I/we HIGHLY recommend Tri State Enforcement!!!
Kevin Thomas
21:40 06 Jun 19
Edward and his team were thorough, efficient, communicative and on time. They were attentive to our needs and did everything in their power to meet them Highly recommended.
Tallay Wickham
20:20 17 Jun 19