Memorial Day 2018

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As we approach the Memorial Day weekend, many will be marking the start of summer; traveling, partying, and generally enjoying themselves. Memorial Day is, for most, a welcomed holiday. Many don’t think much about the meaning or history behind it. published an article in May 2016, discussing the history of Memorial Day, and why “Happy Memorial Day” is inappropriate.


Memorial day is a day set aside to remember, and honor the men and women who have fought and died for our nation, freedom, and way of life. It is not a happy day, rather, it is a somber day, as detailed by it’s origins which date back to 1868. The Memorial Day today is what was passed by Congress in 1968, taking effect in 1971. This day is not to be marked as the ‘start of summer.’ Nor, is it to be confused with Veterans Day. Memorial Day is for remembrance and honor of those who have fought and died for our nation, people, and way of life.


Despite this, millions of Americans will take to a holiday celebration over the weekend. Parties, cookouts, travel, and many other activities will be on the minds of many, yet few will be connected with the meaningfulness of the day. Enjoy your holiday weekend – but please remember the reason the holiday was created: to honor those who paid the ultimate price. Freedom never was, and never will be free. Men and women will fight for our way of life, giving their own in the process. So this Memorial Day, please remember those who this day of remembrance was intended for.