TSE District II Personnel

Were Cordially Invited to National Night Out 2019

Hosted & Sponsored by the City of Harrisburg, PA

TSE Internal News | August 7, 2019

National Night Out: History

The first Tuesday of August every year, communities across America come together in unity for National Night Out. This event originated in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA in 1984. The goal of NNO is to promote a sense of unity within local communities, and focuses on bridging the gap between law enforcement, first responders, emergency services, and the citizens they serve every day.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019 – Harrisburg, PA

TSE District II officers were gratuitously invited to participate in NNO 2019 by the City of Harrisburg, PA. Needless to say, everyone had a GREAT time. According to Commissioner Carter, Harrisburg Bureau of Police, the turnout for 2019 was close to twice that of 2018. Harrisburg organized and sponsored their first National Night Out in 2018.

In addition to food, fun, activities, drinks, and more; many organizations were interacting with the community in a variety of ways. At the TSE booth, District II personnel were answering questions, providing a variety of handouts relating to safety and security, drug awareness, business security, home security, safe driving, counterfeit currency, and much more.

The real highlight of the evening, without question, were the kids who were came out! TSE personnel were honored to pin junior officer badges, give and get high-fives and hugs, and share countless smiles! Teens who were curious about careers in public safety were given guidance, and some teens were able to have what we hope are life-changing conversations about drug usage and criminal acts.

Below are a few photos of TSE officers from District II – Harrisburg, who were present for NNO ’19. TSE sincerely appreciates being invited to participate, and looks forward to continuing to take every opportunity to bridge the gap, serve, and protect.

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