New ATM Card Skimmer Nearly Undetectable

By May 9, 2016 No Comments

A new breed of card skimming devices are surfacing across the US and around the world. These newest devices are proving to be a bit tricky, since they’re practically undetectable.


One of our Partner entities – NCR, is one of the World’s major makers of ATM machines; and they’re starting to see more of these devices known as Deep Insert Skimmers, which are incredibly difficult to detect. These new generation of devices fit deep inside the card slot, and leave no trace or clue to be seen from the outside of an ATM.  Due to their design and function, current anti-skimming devices are unable to detect and alert to these Deep Insert Skimmers – as the devices are far too deep into the internal portions of the machine.

ATM Skimmer Devices

New ATM Deep Skimming Devices, Courtesy NCR

While NCR and others are working on a solution to this newly identified problem, these Skimmers are taking the fight to a new level.

When using an ATM, you should always be mindful to check your balances as often as possible, especially the first 48 hours after using an ATM machine; thus allowing you to identify and report fraud quickly.