Our world in the last week… Scary times

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Dauphin County PA, State and Local police responded to back up a PA State Trooper who responded to a report of an uncontrolled driver in a very quiet residential area. Upon arriving on scene, the armed suspect shot the Trooper multiple times. The suspect was eventually taken into custody with minor injuries following a standoff with SWAT. The Trooper who was shot survived and is expected to make a full recovery.

Inwood WV, armed suspects in ski masks rob two businesses, seriously injuring one employee who was compliant with their demands. WV State Police investigating, the suspects wore ski masks, were armed with handguns, and used two-way radios.

Huntington WV, armed suspects rob a gas station after being connected to an earlier robbery of the same gas station. Authorities believe they may be connected to additional crimes.

Moncton New Brunswick, armed suspect opens fire on five RCMP Police Officers, killing three Officers. Officers identified the suspect as 24 year old Justin Bourque. This occurred in a quiet residential area, where the suspect was seen heavily armed and began firing on police officers for no apparent reason.

Portsmouth VA, an armed suspect caused Security Forces and Navy Law Enforcement to lock down a military base as a result of a stabbing at the Exchange store at the Naval Medical Center hospital. There was a very intense manhunt, but authorities believe they have the suspect in custody.

Forsyth County GA, an armed suspect shot a police officer following an intense firefight. The suspect identified as Dennis Marx was armed with explosives and firearms attempted to forcibly enter and occupy the Forsyth County courthouse. The suspect was killed. Authorities say it appears he had been planning this attack for a while, and had full intent of taking hostages and committing very serious actions. The police Officer who was shot is expected to make a full recovery.

Seattle WA, an armed suspect identified as Aaron Ybarra entered the campus of Seattle Pacific University – a private Christian school, and began shooting students. One student was killed and several others shot as the only steps taken to stop the suspect was a student monitor who has pepper spray and used it. Officials say the suspect has a history with criminal and unwell behaviors. The suspect is in custody.

All of these incidents have the same common denominator – senseless violent crimes. With our world devolving, now is the time to take action and prevent violent crimes against your business or entity. Don’t wait to become targeted and victimized to implement a strong protection program, as that could be a call made too late.