Protecting And Safeguarding
America’s Critical Infrastructure

Each day, millions of American’s go about their day-to-day lives and routines; which would be otherwise impossible if not for the network of sixteen critical infrastructure sectors.These sectors are comprised of assets, networks, and/or systems which are essential to the United States, and it’s citizens. Any interruption, destruction, or incapacitation would have a detrimental effect on the nation’s economy, security, public health, or public safety. TSE is proudly partners with public and private sector entities to deliver comprehensive critical infrastructure security and force protection services. Ensuring security and resiliency, expert practitioners safeguard and defend against criminal and terroristic acts, accidents, and natural disasters; which would otherwise have a profound impact on our critical infrastructure.

Chemical Facilities

Commercial Facilities

Communication Services

Critical Manufacturing

Dams & Flood Control

Defense Industrial Base

Emergency Services


Financial Services

Food And Agriculture

Government Facilities

Healthcare & Public Health

Information Technology

Radiological & Nuclear

Transportation Systems

Water & Wastewater

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