Pioneers Of The TSE All-Hazards Approach ℠

Public Safety – Community Policing – Protective Services – Safety & Security

TSE Department Of Public Safety

Comprehensive services, expert trained and certified officers, our proprietary All-Hazards Approach ℠, and the best available equipment and technology are only part of what makes TSE the preferred partner for those seeking the best in contracted policing and security related solutions.

Many organizations find themselves searching for solutions to their unique safety and security challenges. TSE delivers turn-key, top-rated, customized vertical solutions; and we’re a single source for the implementation and management of both long-term and short-term security, policing, and public safety programs.

TSE delivers superior security, protective, and public safety solutions to both public and private sector market partners, offering the best alternative to off duty officers and substandard security guard companies. TSE is an industry minority, delivering trusted and worry-free contracted policing and public safety solutions for medical, nonprofit, government, port and transit, and housing organizations.

All TSE officers posses statutory arrest authority, under various provisions of law and legislation. While the verbiage of the law varies state-by-state, the authority exists in every state in which TSE has jurisdiction in the Mid-Atlantic.

Security at Shopping Plaza

Our practitioners utilize our exclusive and proprietary All Hazards Approach ℠; providing a diversely skilled and well-equipped level of service that isn’t offered by any other public or private organization, anywhere in the United States. This empowers and enables TSE Officers to quickly and effectively address virtually any incident or situation that could occur; which is more than peace of mind, it’s our commitment to our partners, clients, and community.



Department of Public Safety: Snapshot

Satisfaction Rate

High Risk Solutions

Housing, Gov. & NP

Business & Corporate

Protection Against Crime & Terror

Protection from virtually all violent and non-violent crimes, our personnel are trained and equipped to handle incidents ranging from an active shooter, suspected explosive devices, theft, and everything in between.

Regulation And Law Enforcement

Active enforcement of rules, regulations, and laws within the areas of responsibility, with proven systems to manage offenses, no-trespass processes, violation management, and the arrest of serious offenders.

An Asset To Your Organization

TSE personnel quickly become an integral asset for your location. Officer’s enhanced training allow them to render aid to the injured or ill, combat fires, evacuate people, lockdown facilities, conduct searches, and much more.

Entry / Crowd Management

For locations requiring entry and crowd management, TSE personnel validates identities of employees and visitors; inspects persons, baggage, and autos for prohibited and/or illegal items; and follows all special directives.

Ongoing Threat Assessment

All entities are assigned a Contract Officer Technical Representative, who will continually assess new and emerging threats which could affect the partner or client, and to conduct on-going assessments of all safety/security measures.

Evolution With Partners

Needs don’t stay the same forever; they are dynamic and ever-changing. We embrace these changes, and work with partners to ensure we change to meet their needs, and address the evolving aspects of their operations.

TSE: Pride, Professionalism, Dedication

Services Provided Under The Department Of Public Safety Include:

  • Active Shooter / Emergency Training
  • Advanced Physical Protective Services
  • Augment Police/Security Departments
  • Contracted Policing and Public Safety
  • Dedicated, Shared, & Patrol Services
  • Security Guard Services
  • Hostile Employee Termination
  • Workplace Violence Solutions

TSE Delivers Services For And On Behalf Of Organizations Such As:

  • Airport & Aviation Owners/Operators
  • Homeland Security Designated Locations
  • Local, State, and Federal Government
  • MARSEC Designated Locations
  • Mass Transit Operators
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Schools and Educational Institutions
  • Transportation and Port
  • Residential Communities

Public Safety • Community Policing • Protective Services • Safety & Security

Public Safety • Community Policing • Protective Services • Safety & Security

  • Regulation, Rule, and Law Enforcement
  • Emergency Medical Response and Aid
  • Fire, Rescue, and Haz-Mat Response
  • Increased Quality of Life Stewardship
  • Respond to all direct calls, Co-Response to 911 Calls
  • Advanced Physical and Electronic Capabilities
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution – Conflict Reduction
  • Auto Lockout and Dead Battery Assistance
  • Alarm Response
  • Camera Monitoring
  • Confidential Tip Line
  • Disaster Support

Upgrade Your Safety & Security With The Region’s Top-Rated Partner.