Chemical Sector Security And Protection

Specialized Security For Hazardous Goods

Facilities who produce, store, or transport chemical products or other dangerous products require a special approach to safety and security in the post 9-11 world of today. Being an integral part of the economy, these facilities face challenges in maintaining a security and defense program which safeguards them from both internal and external threats. We work with this industry to deliver solutions which are unmatched by other security guard companies.

We deliver a diversely trained professional force for security and defensive requirements who are ready for anything – thanks to our All-Hazards approach. Our professional officers are supported and backed with the best tools, equipment, and technology make our officers and services – second to none.

Reliable Chemical Facility Security

When formulating or updating your facility’s security plan, Continuity of Operations Plan, or similar plans – who do you trust for physical safety and security implements? Are they meeting you unique needs and overcoming any challenges? Let us ask you this – if contracting security guard services; how is their turnover and dependability? Sadly it sometimes comes down to budget and fiscal considerations when choosing a partner for your safety and security needs.

Critical Infrastructure: Chemical Sector Documents & Resources

High Risk Officer

Here’s The Bottom Line

The lowest bidder is usually the worst choice when it comes to the actual prevention of crime and terrorism. Someone lacking training, tools, and support making $10 an hour is not a form of defense. It’s smoke and mirrors; merely an illusion of safety and security. What’s more, it’s a wasted line item in a budget. Unfortunately, a large majority of companies and firms peddle and push these low-quality and low-cost services, and news articles frequently cover stories which are anything but positive.

TSE Delivers A Better Solution

For those facilities who put the safety and security of their operation, employees, and others at the highest priority; we are the partner for you. Going far beyond basic security is what we do – and there is not a single ‘security guard’ employed by TSE. We are a team of well trained, experienced professionals who’s job is truly to protect and serve. If you’ve wondered if there is an alternative – something better than security guards for your facility; you’ve found the right people.

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