Commercial and Retail Protective Services

Securing Commercial And Retail Environments And Developments

Developments and environments engaging in commercial or retail activities have specific requirements and needs relating to public safety, crime prevention, and terrorism prevention – which is far beyond the capabilities of basic security guards and services. Commercial entities include amusement and gaming, conference and convention centers, entertainment venues, fairs, festivals, hotels, malls, mixed-use properties, museums, retailers and shopping centers, sports leagues, venues and stadiums, and similar entities and operations; face complex challenges and have a wide range of requirements when it comes to safety and security programs. These are locations which draw large numbers of people for various activities including shopping, entertainment, and more. As such, many are what is considered “soft targets” and can be easily targeted by those with mal-intent. Many of these attractions and businesses are open access, where visitors can move freely without highly visible security barriers.

For those owners, operators, and investors concerned about safety and security, TSE delivers a diversely trained professional force for security and defensive requirements who are ready for anything – thanks to our All-Hazards approach. Our professional officers are supported and backed with the best tools, equipment, and technology make our officers and services – second to none.

Commercial Security That’s Worth It

When taking preventative measures and action to reduce and mitigate threats to your facility, visitors, employees, and interests; who are you trusting to ensure the highest level of safety and security solutions? Are they exceeding your expectations, and preventing problems before they happen?

If you’re like most, you’ve contracted your security and safety services; whereby security guards are on location. How are they doing? Are they professional, responsive, and dependable? Has your budget played a part in the process of securing and ensuring the safety of others?

We Deliver A Better Solution

Those who are in-tune with the world around them understand the importance of ensuring the highest level of safety and security for their interests, employees, customers, and visitors. For those who require better than the basic security guards who do little more than observe and report – we are the ideal partner for you. We go far beyond basic security guard service, providing highly trained and skilled professionals; backed by the best equipment, technology, and resources available to deliver and unmatched level of protection and safety. Our personnel are truly experts in the fields of law enforcement and public safety.

We do not employ security guards, and we do not partner with entities wanting substandard security guard services. If you’ve been longing for something better, something more; TSE is the partner you’ve been looking for.

Here’s The Bottom Line

The lowest bidder is usually the worst choice when it comes to the actual prevention of crime and terrorism. Someone lacking training, tools, and support making around $10 an hour is not a form of defense. It’s smoke and mirrors; merely an illusion of safety and security. What’s more, it’s a wasted line item in a budget. Unfortunately, a large majority of companies and firms peddle and push these low-quality and low-cost services, and news articles frequently cover stories which are anything but positive.

Is Your Environment As Safe As It Should Be?

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