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Safeguarding: Commercial Properties

Retail and commercial developments or locations engaged in commercial or retail activities, have specific needs and requirements relating to public safety, crime prevention, and terrorism prevention – which is far beyond the capabilities of basic security guards.

Locations and entities such as mixed-use projects, lifestyle centers, amusement, convention centers, hotels, malls, mixed-use properties, museums, retailers and shopping centers, sports stadiums, and similar entities and operations; face complex security challenges, and have a wide range of requirements when it comes to safety and security programs.

These commercial locations draw large numbers of people for various activities including shopping, entertainment, and more. Accordingly, many commercial locations are soft targets, easily targeted by criminals or terrorists. Many of these locations and businesses are open and unrestricted access, where visitors can move freely without highly visible security barriers.

Public Safety, Policing, and Protective Security Services
Commercial & Retail Facilities

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For those owners, operators, and investors who place a priority on the safety and security of employees and visitors, TSE has professional and trusted solutions to prevent and mitigate virtually any issue, threat, or act. Thanks to our expert trained practitioners and our Proprietary All-Hazards Approach℠; TSE officers are ready and capable of handling virtually anything.


When strategizing your prevention and mitigation plans, what actions or personnel are in place to reduce and mitigate threats to your facility, visitors, employees, and interests? Who are you trusting to ensure the highest level of public safety, security, and prevention of crime, terror, and shrinkage? Are the plans and personnel effective, preventing incidents before they have a chance to occur? Most commercial and retail facilities contract with third parties (namely, security guard companies), to supply and deliver protective and security related services.


Often times, locations will choose the lowest cost provider; resulting in security guards who are completely incapable of, nor expected to do anything at all in the case of any serious event. Why waste financial resources on something so pointless, and give a false sense of safety to the public? We see time and time again what inadequate security looks like, and it’s true cost – measured in lives lost. What was acceptable 20 years ago is no longer acceptable in today’s times.

Retail & Commercial Location Partnerships: Highlights

  • Prevention of Crime and Terror Incidents
  • Enforce Laws, Regulations, and Rules
  • Participation in DHS Sector Partnerships
  • Manage Suspicious Persons, Vehicles, Packages
  • Respond to All Emergency Situations
  • Investigate Reported Crimes and Complaints
  • Conduct On-Going Threat & Vulnerability Assessments
  • Perform Incipient & Basic Firefighting
  • Rapid Intervention to Stop Acts of Crime and Terror
  • Monitor for Radiological/Hazardous Materials
  • Utilize Verbal Deescalation Techniques & Verbal Judo
  • Integrate With Commercial & Retail Best-Practices
  • Integrate and Work Closely with all Tenants and Staff
  • Provide Secure Escort Services for Articles and Assets
  • Maintenance of Peace and Order, both Routine and Exigent
  • Facilitate Proper Evacuation Coordination Procedures & Actions
  • Initiate Life-Saving Medical Care for Injured or Ill
  • Coordinate With Local Fire/EMS/Municipal Law Enforcement
  • Monitoring of Alarm and Surveillance Systems
  • Conduct On-Going Threat & Vulnerability Assessments

Is Your Commercial Facility Truly Safeguarded Against Today’s Threats?

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