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Protecting The It And Communications Sector

Critical Infrastructure Security - IT and Communications

Organizations engaged in the supply, transmission, relay, and delivery of Communications and Information Technology services in the U.S. are a vital component of our nations critical infrastructure and economy. This industry enables the modern day, real-time operation of virtually every public and private entity from businesses to governments.

Providers of these critical services perform ongoing functions enabling and maintaining the day to day life we’ve all come to expect. Entities using wired, wireless, satellite, and terrestrial transmissions face heightened security challenges; as an act of terrorism can have a disastrous cascading effect with a global reach.

Physical security, facility hardening, cybersecurity, and more are the foundations of maintaining a safe and secure operational environment. The IT and communications industry faces unique challenges relating to acts of terrorism and sabotage and must take the actions necessary to safeguard their operations.

Proven Solutions To Protect Infrastructure

Communications and Information Technology facilities utilize both internal and external personnel, tools, and processes to prevent and mitigate criminal and terroristic incidents. When it comes to the physical hardening and security of your facility, who do you trust to deliver the solutions to minimize the chances of a worst case scenario? Do you have a partner with the experience and resources to necessary to identify, prevent, deter, and mitigate both routine and major incidents?

Most facility stakeholders opt to contract their physical security and safety services. While a common practice, most vendors awarded these contracts under-deliver and supply under-qualified and often inept security guards. The vast majority of security companies pose a substantial risk through a combination of low-paid guards, poor training, lack of support and oversight, and an absence of proper equipment and technology for assigned personnel; all while companies seek to maximize their corporate profits – leaving those dependent on their services at incredible risk.

TSE Delivers A Superior Solution

Industry leaders and decision-makers who understand the criticality of the services they provide and maintain must also understand the ever-present threat of sabotage or other criminal or terrorism-related incident; which could easily result in a regional or even global outage. It is of high priority that organizations provide the highest level of physical and cyber security of their property, facilities, infrastructure, and employees.

Here’s The Bottom Line

The lowest bidder for security service is frequently the worst possible choice regarding the prevention of and response to criminal and terroristic incidents. An underqualified security guard lacking the knowledge, training, tools, support, and proper oversight; and earning around $12 an hour, is merely an illusion of protection. Frequently the outcome of awarding a service contract to the low-bidder is frustration and wasted financial resources; and occasionally, it proves to be a much more costly mistake. Unfortunately, a large majority of security companies and firms peddle and push these low-quality and low-cost services, and news outlets frequently report on stories which are anything but positive.

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