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Safeguarding: Medical Centers

Healthcare and Medical facilities are for healing, well-being, and improving quality of life. Unfortunately, as times become increasingly more turbulent; hospitals, clinics, treatment centers, and other healthcare facilities face increasing threats and incidents affecting patients and staff.

Nearly all medical centers and healthcare facilities have plans and personnel in place relating to security and public safety. However, organizations often keep the same basic security guard company for years, providing security services to and for their medical center. While this worked okay years ago, today, it’s a very risky practice. TSE is proud to partner with healthcare and medical organizations, providing specially trained and equipped officers, and proving to be valued and trusted resource in uncertain times.

TSE Officers are a superior alternative to traditional security guards and off-duty police officers. Practitioners are comprehensively trained and certified in very specific disciplines and subject matters that security guards and many police officers are not.

Public Safety, Policing, and Protective Security Services
Medical & Healthcare Facilities

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With the healthcare industry rapidly changing, facilities are catering to an ever-widening demographic; and offering more expansive services. Some facilities such as trauma centers, hospitals, and treatment centers face unique operational challenges. This is namely due to the nature of their operations, and the individuals seeking treatment.


Unfortunately, some members of society want to take advantage of the healthcare infrastructure, or are victims of the opioid epidemic. Patients making an attempt obtain prescription narcotics can and do become violent if they are refused, targeting physicians and staff out of desperation and anger. In other cases, individuals seeking care at a treatment center may not be following the program mandates, and be ineligible for dispensing of medication. These are just two examples of how patients can quickly escalate to violent acts against medical practitioners.


Disgruntled employees, organized crime and gang related incidents, domestic violence, robberies, and crimes of opportunity; are all real threats that can affect any medical or healthcare center. TSE’s exclusive and proprietary All-Hazards Approach ensures officers are prepared for virtually anything. In these challenging and ever-changing times, TSE officers are consistently undertaking ongoing training and professional development; thus providing an unmatched level of professional and progressive public safety and protective security services to our partners and clients.

Healthcare Facilities Partnerships: Highlights

  • Prevention of Crime and Terror Incidents
  • Enforce Laws, Regulations, and Rules
  • Participation in DHS Sector Partnerships
  • Manage Suspicious Persons, Vehicles, Packages
  • Respond to All Emergency Situations
  • Investigate Reported Crimes and Complaints
  • Conduct On-Going Threat & Vulnerability Assessments
  • Perform Incipient & Basic Firefighting
  • Rapid Intervention to Stop Acts of Crime and Terror
  • Monitor for Radiological/Hazardous Materials
  • Utilize Verbal Deescalation Techniques & Verbal Judo
  • Integrate With Patient Initiatives, Outreach, and Community Activities
  • Integrate and Work Closely with All Facility Staff
  • Provide Secure Escort Services for Articles, Personnel, Patients
  • Maintenance of Peace and Order, both Routine and Exigent
  • Facilitate Proper Evacuation Coordination Procedures & Actions
  • Initiate BLS Care for Walk-Ins/Drop Offs (If needed)
  • Capable of Supporting EMS in the Field when PD is Unavailable
  • Monitoring of Alarm and Surveillance Systems
  • Conduct On-Going Threat & Vulnerability Assessments

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