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Safeguarding: Religious Organizations

In recent times, religious organizations have faced ever-increasing threats to their buildings, grounds, members, and dignity. These threats have materialized in various forms. Incidents including hate-mail, death threats, vandalism, arson, shootings, and explosive devices; are all part of the ever-changing and evolving threats faced by religious organizations and places of worship.

TSE is proud to partner with religious organizations, providing specially trained and equipped officers, and continuing to be valued and trusted resource in uncertain times. TSE Officers are a superior alternative to traditional security guards and off-duty police officers.

TSE officers are comprehensively trained and certified in very specific disciplines and subject matters that security guards and many police officers are not.

Anti-Crime + Anti-Terror
Protective Security Services for Religious Organizations

protective security services
With a dramatic increase in crimes against religious organizations and their membership, many decision-makers find themselves searching for a solution to the growing list of threats they face. TSE proudly partners with religious organizations of all types to provide protective security services.


Whether a mosque, church, synagogue, temple, or monastery; houses and places of worship have the right to be free of violence and acts of crime and hate. TSE supports religious members and congregations practicing their chosen religion; without being in fear of unthinkable acts, such as mass shootings.


TSE’s exclusive and proprietary All-Hazards Approach ensures officers are prepared for virtually anything. In these challenging and ever-changing times, TSE officers are consistently undertaking ongoing training and professional development; thus providing an unmatched level of professional and progressive service to our partners and clients.


Prevention of crime and terror is of vital importance for religious organizations, and a partnership with TSE ensures that your organization can focus on religion rather than the unthinkable. The landscape is changing so quickly that it’s no longer advisable to settle for basic security guards; instead of protecting your membership, congregation, and facilities with well-trained and highly-qualified professionals.

Service Partnership: Highlights

  • Prevention of Crime and Terror Incidents
  • Enforce Laws and Regulations
  • Participation in SAR Initiatives
  • Participation in DHS Sector Partnerships
  • Manage Suspicious Persons, Vehicles, Packages
  • Respond to Emergency Situations
  • Investigate Reported Crimes and Complaints
  • Coordinate with Local, State, and Federal Agencies
  • Provide On-Site Training
  • Conduct On-Going Threat & Vulnerability Assessments
  • Perform Incipient & Basic Firefighting
  • Perform Life-Saving Emergency Medical Care
  • Rapid Intervention to Stop Acts of Crime and Terror
  • Monitor for Radiological/Hazardous Materials
  • Perform Crowd Management and Evacuation
  • Perform Rescue and Life Support Functions

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