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Public Safety, Defense, and Security Services

The TSE Port Authority Division, under the Department of Public Safety; delivers contracted policing, defense, safety, and security services to and on behalf of land, air, and water transportation facility owners, operators, and stakeholders.

Specifically, services are provided on behalf of bus, light rail, para-transit, incline, ship, aircraft, airports; and the associated properties and terminals thereof – including MarSec designated ports and locations.

TSE Port Authority programs can be delivered as a complete stand-alone service, or in conjunction with an existing police or security department – as a supplemental or augmentative program. Services and programs are available to both private and public facility and service owners and operators.

Safeguarding port and transit infrastructure involves a wide array of duties. TSE personnel patrol, enforce law and regulations, cover screening points, respond to incidents and emergencies, aid and assist commuters and travelers from all parts of the world, perform traffic and parking control, prevent cargo and property theft, prevent and investigate theft of services (ticket/pass/fare: evasion and fraud), monitor closed-circuit TV camera feeds and specialized detection equipment, locate lost and missing children and elders, facilitate evacuations, perform basic firefighting and rescue tasks, and many additional functions.

Professional Trusted Port And Transportation Security In United State

TSE is a full service, professional agency, staffed by certified professional officers that exceed statutory minimum requirements, and operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week; performing criminal justice, public safety, and general safety and security duties.

Solutions delivered by TSE are far more superior and preferable over other security guard companies contract service providers. This is primarily due to TSE’s proprietary All Hazards Approach ℠.

The Port Authority Division delivers service to the traveling public, visitors, employees, contractors, and property tenants at all owned, leased, or rented locations which are held, occupied, or otherwise under the control of operators who partner with TSE for service.

The Port Authority Division supports all missions, goals, and objectives of the municipal law enforcement agencies who share jurisdiction; as well as the United States Department of Homeland Security and their partners.

Public Transit Safety

Division Objectives

The Division’s objective is to serve with professionalism and compassion, all people with whom we encounter and interact with. Our Agency and Officers are ever vigilant, and strive to consistently provide the safest environment possible for the public, employees, operators, and stakeholders; by proactively preventing, deterring, and mitigating instances of crime and terrorism. We will ensure fiscal losses are minimized by those who attempt to defraud or circumvent payment for transit services, and identify and ensure necessary actions are taken – including referral of criminal charges for theft of services. Above all, we will remain cognizant of the privilege and great responsibility it is to serve and protect in our communities; ensure we continuously improve the level of safety, security, and service; and tirelessly work to reduce the likelihood of acts of terrorism.

The Right Partner

When it comes to choosing the right partner, rarely does the most qualified solution equate to the cheapest solution. TSE takes great pride in pioneering top-rated mission critical solutions, for a variety of public and private partners and clients. We’re proud to be a minority in the industry, whereby we maintain capabilities no one else has – to include our proprietary All-Hazards Approach ℠. We work daily to further improve not only our capabilities, but to ensure our personnel continue their training and education, have access to the latest and greatest in technology and equipment, and regardless of the current abilities or situation of any partner or client – we are a self-reliant agency. This allows TSE to deliver truly turn-key solutions, which are free from dependence on a majority of partner/client specific factors. The Port Authority Division delivers sector specific services and solutions, as well as all services provided by our Department of Public Safety.

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