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The TSE School Safety Division, under the TSE Department of Public Safety; delivers contracted physical school safety and security services, to include certified School Resource Officers, to and on behalf of public and private schools and educational institutions of all types.

Safety and security services are provided on behalf of K-12, Higher Education, Universities, Colleges, and private schools; and their associated properties and buildings thereof.

TSE Officers within this Division are specifically trained and certified for working in the educational environment, performing and fulfilling multiple roles and tasks.

TSE School Safety programs are delivered as an integrated and complete stand-alone service. Officers work to integrate with any and all current technology in place, effectively making both the Officer and the technology force-multipliers of one another.

TSE School Resource Officers work diligently to ensure a safe and secure learning atmosphere for students, staff, and visitors of the facilities in which their assigned. Officers work diligently to foster a positive and reinforcing atmosphere, free of violence, bullying, and threats; enabling educators and students alike to focus solely on teaching and learning.

The Division is committed to fulfilling the physical safety and security needs of educational institutions by protecting life and property, deterring and preventing acts of terror and crime, maintaining order in the case of emergency, enforcement of laws and regulations, as well as numerous other services to partnering Schools and/or Districts. Officers are capable of addressing and investigating incidents which occur on/within the property during school hours, or after-hours at any school-sponsored event.

Professional School Safety Officer

The Division’s primary objective is ensuring a safe and secure learning environment for the students, staff, and visitors. This is accomplished by open communications with students and staff, as well as ensuring TSE Officers and school personnel work with students and parents together; identifying and resolving any potential problems or conflict prior to escalation.

The Division is composed of experienced, certified, and well trained officers, who are specifically selected for school positions based on numerous factors ensuring the right officer for a great “fit.” The officers’ presence projects a professional and compassionate image, whereby the officer is receptive to all students, faculty, staff and parents. Officers work with stakeholders to update and implement policy changes, and conduct on-going assessments of the facility; identifying deficiencies and working with stakeholders to quickly correct.

Choosing The Right School Safety Partners

TSE takes great pride in supplying top-rated mission critical solutions, for a variety of public and private partners and clients. We’re proud to supply proven, reliable, and comprehensive solutions to those in need; thanks to our proprietary All-Hazards Approach ℠. We work daily to further improve not only our capabilities, but to ensure our personnel continue their training and education, and have access to the best technology and equipment. The School Safety Division delivers school specific services and solutions, as well as all services provided by our Department of Public Safety.

Key School Safety & Security Highlights

Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority (TSE) works with a variety of public and private educational institutions and school districts to deliver uncompromising solutions to safeguard students, staff, and school grounds.

TSE School Resource Officers are unmatched in their capabilities, professionalism, and proactive approach – focusing on prevention rather than reaction. Backed by the full capabilities of the agency, including intelligence-based risk management, and seasoned law enforcement practitioners; schools and educational institutions can now be safer and more secure with TSE – the region’s top-rated security partner.

With education officials and administrators already taking on so many roles, TSE delivers worry-free solutions which won’t tax already overloaded officials. Now more than ever, parents and custodians are becoming more concerned with their children’s safety and security, often challenging school officials to deliver a safer environment – which is a complex undertaking. Parents simply want to know their children are safe, and TSE is proud to partner with schools to ensure their safety and well-being. We proudly deliver a variety of school-specific solutions, which include, but are not limited to the following:

• School Resource Officers (Armed Officers)

• Posted/Assigned School Resource Officers

Roving/Mobile Patrol Officers

Security Solutions for Extra Curricular Events

• Physical and Environmental Security Consultants

• School Staff Training (Active Shooter & Additional)

• Bullying & Suicide Prevention Solutions

• Operational Vulnerabilities Threat and Risk Assessment

• And Other Custom Tailored Solutions

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