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Neighborhood Small Business

TSE proudly partners with the small businesses that make our communities what they are. From coffee shops, bodegas, markets, convenience stores, and more; TSE partners with our neighborhood small businesses to deliver trusted and proven safety and security solutions.
Understanding many local businesses are feeling the economical sting of recent times, TSE designed a platform to supply our highly regarded safety and security services for small and local business – affordably priced to fit nearly any budget.
Via our delivery platform, local businesses facing safety and security challenges; as well as employee and guest safety, can now have a proven and reliable partner to safeguard and protect their employees, guests, assets, property, and investment.
A partnership between you and TSE means you have a formidable and respectable force working for you, watching your back, and stepping in to help when you need it most. Identifying crime/loss trends, preventing new/recurring crime, and aiding in emergencies are only a small part of the services provided under a small business security partnership with TSE.

Proven, Cost-Effective Solutions,

Without Compromise


TSE’s Proprietary All-Hazards Approach℠ ensures officers are prepared for nearly anything. Local and neighborhood businesses require a unique approach to preventing and deterring crime, while not causing customers to feel unwelcome.


TSE officers are intimately familiar with precisely how to accomplish this delicate balance. TSE delivers solutions that maintain safety and security, without alienating local customers and patrons.


Prevention is a vital component of any crime prevention plan, however, it’s the manner of prevention that is key. By focusing on key dates and times important to local merchants and businesses needs and operations, and frequent yet random presence other days, public safety and security patrols are both affordable and highly effective.

TSE + Small & Local Businesses

Service Highlights

protective security services
  • Enforce Laws, Regulations, Rules
  • Manage Disorderly Persons
  • Transport/Transfer Cash Deposits
  • Investigate Reported Crimes and Complaints
  • Identify Local Trends & Threats
  • Deter and Prevent Crime and Vandalism
  • Respond to Calls For Assistance or Help
  • Respond to Routine and Emergency Matters
  • Perform Life-Saving Emergency Medical Care
  • Rapid Intervention to Stop Acts of Crime and Terror
  • Instantly Manage Searches for Missing Persons
  • Special Attention given to Opening/Closing Times
  • Alarm Response
  • Camera Monitoring
  • Assistance in Inclement Weather
  • Protection During Civil Unrest
  • Property & Life Safety Systems Inspections
  • And Much More

DID YOU KNOW - You could partner with TSE for virtually no cost? TSE service partnerships are 100% Tax Deductible for most small and local businesses.

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