TSE Investigations Department

Civil – Criminal – Death – Electronic – Exploited – Fraud – Missing – Special

Our Investigative Procedures

For those corporations, entities, and firms who have the need for a professional investigation; TSE is a proven and trusted resource, with resources far beyond that of most private investigators or detective agencies. We work with all types of professions and industries; delivering the unbiased and comprehensive results you expect and require. We have performed many successful investigations over the years for our partners and clients, delivering results in a very wide range of cases.
Please note: our services are not available to private citizens in most cases. For private citizens seeking investigative services who are represented by legal counsel, please have your retained attorney contact us. Matters involving private citizens without legal counsel will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Civil – Criminal – Death – Electronic – Exploited
– Fraud – Missing – Special

TSE detectives investigate a wide variety of cases in a professional and expeditious manner.

TSE Detectives also support TSE’s other Departments and Divisions, where incidents occur which require investigation.

The Investigations Department has truly extensive capabilities, and processes advanced requests for TSE Officers – in addition to their conducting of specific investigations. Regarding capabilities, the department enables real-time access to multiple information sources by TSE Officers conducting research and performing relevant criminal justice inquiries. Some of the information routinely accessed through the Department includes, but is not limited to:

  • Criminal Records and Wanted / Warrants
  • Vehicle Registration and Stolen Status
  • Social Media Intelligence
  • Known Associates, Relatives, and Group Affiliations (including gang affiliation)
  • Pre Employment Investigations
  • Credit Reports
  • FICO Reports
  • Earnings History
  • Social Security Number Verification and Records, including Disability
  • Employment History / Current Employer
  • Address History
  • College / High School Transcript Verification
  • Air BnB / VRBO Records
  • Phone Trace / Intelligence / GPS Tracking
  • Bank Locate / Account Information
  • Offshore / Non-US Banking Intelligence
  • Credit & Bank Account Activity
  • Insurance Information (Policies, changes, beneficiaries, claims, limits, et al.)
  • Medical / Healthcare History
  • EBT / Food Stamps Information
  • Child Support Intelligence / Information
  • Utility Provider Information and History
  • Airlines Information, including Frequent Flyer Program Intelligence
  • Hotel Usage Intelligence (including current and past location occupancy with room number and invoices)
  • Marriage Information, History, and licenses
  • Birth Certificate Record
  • EasyPass and SunPass Activity
  • United States Postal Service Information and Intelligence

Department Snapshot

Civil Investigations

Criminal Investigations

Professional, Due Diligence, Electronic

Threat, Extortion, Missing And Abducted, Speciality

All information accessed in any investigative, criminal justice, or judicial activity is in strict compliance with GLBA (15 U.S.C. §6801 et seq.,) FCRA (15 U.S.C. § 1681,) HIPAA (Pub.L. 104–191, 110 Stat. 1936, enacted August 21, 1996), DPPA (18 U.S.C. § 2721-2725,) as well as other relevant State and Federal Laws.

Civil Matters

For those cases which are routine, and non-criminal in nature, our detectives can work quickly and efficiently to resolve matters.

Criminal Matters

For cases of criminal circumstances, we work quickly to resolve matters; often in cooperation with any previously involved law enforcement.

Sensitive Matters

For those investigations that are sensitive in nature, TSE detectives and personnel are attentive to confidentiality and sensitivity of these cases. We know a single wrong move can jeopardize everything.

Undercover Needs

Certain circumstances will dictate at times that cases be handled under the radar; requiring clandestine and incognito investigative techniques to complete cases and resolve issues.

Electronics And Data

Cases and matters involving the examination and retrieval of information and or data from electronics can prove to be tricky and very difficult. Fortunately we have experts for these matters.

Professional Matters

For professional matters, property location, recovery, diligence, etc; TSE personnel present accurate data and information allowing for sound decisions.

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