Professional & Effective Mobile Security Patrol Services, Roving Protective Services, Emergency Response, and Special Police Patrol by TSE

Patrol services by TSE is an affordable and effective platform for organizations, neighborhoods, businesses, and others to increase safety and security presence without prohibitive costs. TSE supplies mobile public safety and roving security patrol services for agency partners and clients, delivering rapid, responsive, dynamic, and professional mobile security and life safety solutions based on the exact needs and specifications of our partners and clients.

Mobile and roving services are available to partners and clients who are seeking an affordable, yet highly capable solution; delivered by the Mid-Atlantic Region’s leader in contracted security, public safety, and special police services.
Public Safety and Mobile Security Patrol
TSE officers respond to an emergency scene following severe weather event

A Proven and Trusted Safety & Security Resource for our Partners, Clients, and Communities

As with all TSE solutions, our custom tailored mobile service solutions are designed and delivered based on the exact circumstances and goals of our partners and clients.

By delivery of mobile services – costs are drastically reduced while maintaining a highly visible and professional presence; and peace of mind that expert TSE personnel are available for rapid response to any incidents or issues which may occur.

Who Benefits the Most From Roving Security & Mobile Security Patrol Services?

Roving Security and Public Safety Patrol services by Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority is a high-value, cost-effective solution; combining a multitude of our core capabilities into a mobile performance and delivery platform.

Personnel assigned to serve in a mobile patrol capacity are among the highest rated and most diversely trained uniform professionals. In addition to the further specialized training required by all mobile patrol officers, personnel must maintain an exemplary driving record, and adhere to additional mobile patrol policies and procedures as established.

Due to the unique nature and functions of TSE, and the extraordinary level of capability and service delivered through our tailored security-based solutions; clients and partners quickly realize TSE is something much different and far more superior than other organizations within the special police and security markets.

Please note, due to logistics and prohibitive factors; TSE Mobile Service is not available in all areas.

Mobile Services Overview

¹ Integration with existing camera systems, access control, alarms, and similar is dependent on several factors. Not all system integrations are supported. TSE can assist with system updates.

Mobile Safety & Security
Key Benefits

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