TSE Patrol Division

Shared, Roving, and Mobile Public Safety, Policing, and Security Patrol & Response Services

Shared Public Safety & Roving Security Patrol Services by TSE

TSE’s Patrol Division, under the Department of Public Safety, provides mobile public safety and roving security patrol services for agency partners and clients, delivering responsive and professional mobile security and public safety solutions.

Mobile patrol services are available to partners and clients who are seeking an affordable, yet highly capable solution; delivered by the region’s leader in contracted security, public safety, and policing services.

Delivering TSE’s core services in a mobile platform, TSE works with perspective partners and clients to determine their exact needs, and most effective patrol frequency.

As with all TSE solutions, custom solutions are designed and delivered based on the exact circumstances and goals of perspective partners and clients. By delivery of mobile services – costs are drastically reduced while maintaining a highly visible and professional presence; and rapid response to any incidents or issues which may occur.


Mobile Public Safety, Policing, and Roving Security: Key Benefits

Enforce Laws, Regulations, and Property Rules

Manage Trespassers, Loitering and Unauthorized Persons

Conduct Scheduled & Random Property Patrol Checks

Respond to All Emergencies on Property

Respond to and Investigate Complaints, Crimes, and Incidents

Arrest or Referral of Charges Against Criminals

Unmatched Service, Safety, Security, and Deterrence

Respond to Fires and Perform Evacuation & Rescue

Perform Life Saving Medical Care

Rapid Intervention to Stop Crime & Terror

Safety & Security Inspections and Audits

Smaller Patrol Sectors for Improved Service

Respond To and Investigate All Alarms

Exceptional Value, Cost-Effective, Without Compromise

Quality Safety & Security Solutions That Maintain Affordability

Competitive Pricing, Starting at



TSE Services are 100% Tax Deductible for most For-Profit & Private Entities

The Mobile Patrol Division delivers unique safety and security benefits and exceptional value to virtually any location. Officers address issues and respond to incidents, and implement strategies that reduce and prevent new incidents from occurring; increasing curb-appeal, property value, and overall perception.

Each patrol sector is geographically small in size, to enable officers to have increased focus and visibility in a localized area, further increasing value and performance.

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